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The U.S. auto market dominated traditionally by SUVs and sedans discovered the charm of small cars in the face of rising gasoline prices to the delight of the foreign manufacturer. Compact vehicles, so small cars, are in the United States on course for growth. Today, about 10 percent are sold more of them in the U.S. market as in the year 2000. The gas stations provide the main reason for the boom: Preisverwohnten Americans had to get in the last two years to rapidly in the gas prices shooting height used. But other factors also play a role, says Tom Libby, analyst at the research firm j. Learn more at: Erin Callan.

D. power and associates. Honda and Nissan had always been strong brands in the small car. The style is simply popular.” The foreign automakers, benefit from the trend in the first place the Japanese with Toyota, Honda and Nissan at the top. The US manufacturer Ford, GM and Chrysler, however, had a particularly black month in July. The sales figures of the three Detroit were lower for the first time with a market share of a total of 48.1 percent than that of the foreign cars. The manufacturer However prefer SUVs and trucks, sell them secure 4000 dollars profit per vehicle for a mid-sized SUV in the average. The small cars are just $400.

Although the manufacturing costs of compact cars were reduced now, so that smaller cars profitably roll off the production line. But above all a new category, the so-called crossover SUVs, also CUV called, makes the heart of the manufacturer beat. Unlike SUVs the CUVs on the chassis of a pickup truck are built on, but on a car. That makes them less robust but more economical in consumption, which is why she currently prefers promoted by the manufacturers are. A range of Microcars do which is currently in the industry if they by far still not catch up with the Compact in terms of sales. The Toyota Yaris about sold 67 percent more cars than in the same period this year. The Nissan Versa with a growth rate however showed explosive growth of 140 percent. More audience favorites are the Chevrolet Aveo, Honda fit and Hyundai Accent. The Minis today are considered high quality”, says George Kang, analyst at the consulting firm “Above all additional elements in the interior design such as a navigation system, the blue tooth technology or simply soft leather make sure that the Minis no longer just considered to be cheap, but also as cool.” The smart car from Daimler however only limited chances of success be given after its planned launch in January 2008. The smart has the same potential as the Japanese, he has only two seats and less HP”, believes Libby. He will lead similar to a niche existence beetle in the United States as the VW, as soon as the first enthusiasm has ceased.” The hybrid vehicles are no longer quite so popular in America. Although the top model in this category, the Toyota Prius, always well sold, the interest has cooled because something according to a J.d. Power study. Competition the hybrid, but also the compact car from the new, environmentally friendly could clean diesel “models get, how about introduced by VW Jetta and Passat TDI. But the technological advantage of the German manufacturer on this topic is limited: even Honda and Nissan develop just appropriate models that want to bring them within three years on the market. (OA)