Imperial Feng Shui

Then he says that his academy taught and practiced imperial feng shui. This direction is considered canon. Imperial Feng Shui is because practiced in the court of Chinese emperors. Those consulted the masters of feng shui issues burial of the dead (at the right time and right place, so as not to exacerbate the kind of karma), as well as the construction and improvement of the imperial palaces. The calculations required particularly accurate, since according to custom in the Chinese court the slightest slip head master was flying from his shoulders. Masters of the Imperial Feng Shui learn practically all my life. Alexander Anishchanka: We try to keep track of all the consequences of changes in our recommendations.

Sometimes the results can be quite unexpected. Here are harmonized apartment in order to remove problems in relations between spouses and financial problems as a result of this pair had a child, which could not give birth to eight years. And all the relationships in the family lined up around him. Financial problems are also gone. Ekaterina Kostina, a leading specialist of the Center of Imperial Feng Shui: We sometimes get totally unexpected results. So keep track of the conduct of their clients and even occasionally derive new laws: feng shui, too, it turns out, it is. Speaking of books, master of the Imperial Feng Shui expressed clearly: well, what they are, but information in them is not too much, and try to do something based on the received information from them is wrong.