Flower Market

" Maybe the fact that in marriage there come rather late. 30-35 years, it was seldom think. Both men and women involved in education, building a career, traveling friends. When they decide to start a family, it is a deliberate act. Maybe they are not as amorous as Russian, may be cooler – do not know. But I often meet men who are walking with babies in their arms, talk to him, show beautiful places in the city, talk about architecture. That surprises me. Value is clearly biased against the Russian.

There are few well-dressed men and women in high heels. Here, even the bankers go with backpacks on top of the suit and move to the metro. At the local "ruble" is no five-meter fences and guards with machine guns. Nobody brags that he has the most expensive card in fitness, but he did not go there. Blonde here natural and in large numbers, but looks they receive little attention. Apartments in Munich are cheaper than those in Moscow. Each is a nice addition in the form of so-called Keller. This is a small closing premises, usually in the basement, where you can store what we usually lies on the balcony.

Here on the general overview is not accepted to exhibit the sledge and samovar, as well as modify the portion of your home, which is visible from the street. Even in its own apartment, you can change, such as windows only to identical, that is not simply the same color and shape, but also ordered from the same firm. Those who buy apartments on the ground floor there is a small garden, which compensates for the lack of balconies. It can not fence the fence, you can only plant low shrubs, they can not do barbecue, but for lovers of flowers – is ideal. But most surprising was not for me own gardens and not something that regular music lessons in his own apartment only possible with additional padding the walls soundproof material, and that calls to the apartment, as well as copper plates with names of tenants, and a button, including the lighting in the stairwell located in the street, near the entrance to the entrance. For myself, I realized that the city is open. Every window, every street, every smile. Even when a huge empty field, where are major holidays, such as Oktoberfest, even on Sundays when the shops are closed, and sellers were able to relax, even when closed the fountains, or have folded up their treasures in the van dealers Flower Market. Munich is nice and smiling. And he is waiting for a meeting. And yet here we are back. Information provided by fitness club Kimberley Land