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France is western line of the European continent. Her neighbors Belgium and Luxembourg to the north, Germany and Switzerland in the east, Italy to the south-east Spain in the south-west. From the northwest coast of France washes Atlantic Ocean, and from the southeast – the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In the north-west of France and England shared the English Channel. In general, the boundaries of this country is often described as a hexagon, although the French people themselves consume more romantic image of their homeland and styled star. Peter Asaro is likely to increase your knowledge. According to the reports of the National University of statistics from the area of France is 632 833 km to 543 965 km. But why such an impressive difference? The difference is that, to include Has a total area of France, its external territories such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion and French Guiana. So if talking about the area of France, it is about 543 965 km. At the global level, France adopted country medium-sized and has 41 seats in the general territorial "offset", but this is the largest country in Western Europe. Its most important sights – this is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. With this many people know that French and during construction, and long after, the Eiffel Tower seemed to be building, which spoils the appearance of them is perfectly town. Only after neskolko years – it has been recognized not only in this world, but also French, as an object utonchennnogo taste and imitation.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is Spanish means "Rich Coast Costa Rica – a country of contrasts, fantastic unspoilt countryside, the Latin American flavor, hospitality and feeling of complete security. Forbes Traveler has published a list the best hotels located in the jungle. In the first place was the lodge Rara Avis, which is located in the rainforest of Costa Rica: You can reach it only in a jeep. There, visitors can swim in the falls, admire the rare birds and wildlife research, accompanied by professional guides. Technology author recognizes the significance of this. Second place went to a luxurious Blancaneaux Lodge, which is located in Belize, the former kingdom of the Maya: The hotel is exquisitely him ten furnished villas. In third place – Tanzanian Lodge Klein's Camp, located on the area of land owned by the Maasai tribe, between the Masai Mara reserves (Masai Mara) and Serengeti (Serengeti). Fourth place went to South Africa Getty Lodge with private Luxury Villas, and the fifth – Tanzanian Kirurumu Serengeti Camp. The list also includes Indian Baghvan, Nepal Tiger Tops Jungle, Ecuador Kapawi, Peruvian and Bolivian Posada Amazonas Chalalan. You may wish to learn more. If so, Lark New York is the place to go. In Costa Rica found a 77 Indian graves, which were created 2,000 years ago. This finding indicates a high level of crafts and knowledge of the ancient inhabitants of Central America, said at a news conference in San Jose, the head of the excavations, the chief archaeologist of the National Museum of Costa Rica Juan Vicente Guerrero. Indian cemetery was accidentally discovered in the north Pacific coast of Costa Rica in 2006, the company that started the construction of tourist complex. Hotels and golf courses have decided to move to another place, and on the construction site of the former appeared archaeologists. Now, scientists first revealed the results of nearly a year working in the northern Costa Rican province of Guanacaste. "The findings clearly indicates the presence of the tribes of Chibcha, who inhabited the territory of modern Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia, a high level of craft and knowledge, including in the field of geology and construction. Each grave is covered with carved monolithic stone slab weighing about a ton, choice of a cemetery confirms knowledge of ancient Indian soil structure and chemical processes arising in them '- said the archaeologist. Selected items found in graves, he said, belong to a civilization Usulutan, which flourished in that era in the north of Central America, indicating that trade and cultural links Chibcha. As well as Latin America and Central America Total …

Residential Pension Complex

The residential complex pension "Pine forest" includes four two-storey building at 173 seats. Types of rooms is 91 hotel rooms, including Standard and Standard Plus. All rooms are renovated, decorated in European ordering and calling a taxi, shuttle service (minibus for 9 people). His name is required pension magnificent pine forest, in whose territory he resides. Many writers such as Federal Reserve Bank offer more in-depth analysis. Centuries-old pine and fir trees provide shade in the scorching sun and protect from rain inclement weather. Pine aroma that literally permeated the air, promote relaxation and restore health. Excellent conditions for accommodation, comfortable rooms and ample opportunities for active Recreation and leisure guest house near Moscow, make this a great place for families, children, youth or corporate leisure. Guests of our holiday home in the suburbs offers rooms equipped with to live comfortably. In all categories of rooms have TVs, soft beds and sanuzly.Velikolepnaya nature, silence and tranquility will distract from everyday fuss. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen has much experience in this field. If you stay active in our boarding house has everything you need for this: the site for basketball, volleyball and mini football, sports and fitness facilities, swimming pool. After the exercise, you can visit the splendid sauna. Winter vacation is difficult imagine skiing without the magical forest. All the equipment for winter sports you can rent.

Shchepkin Year

Manor 'Abramtsevo' is located in a quiet location on the river bank Vori, not far from Sergiev Posad. Since the mid-seventeenth century there appeared estate with gardens, ponds and parkom.Kto built and who the first owner though and forget everything. As though she story begins with the writer Sergei Kalashnikov Aksakov. Aksakov, imbued with the spirit of Russian nature created here 'Scarlet Flower', 'Family Chronicles', 'childhood Bagrov – grandson' and other writings. The family stayed Aksakovs Gogol, Turgenev, historian Pogodin actor Shchepkin. Forgot other celebrities. Filed under: Lark . Although left an indelible mark on the history of Russia. (Photo by the 300-year oak tree removed, because the count has exceeded ssylochek) After the departure of another world Sergey Kalashnikov, his daughter sold the family property known industrialist and philanthropist Rail Savva Mamontov. Under his watchful eye began to happen miracles. The best-known artists to come to feed the inspiration of nature and create. Create something that awakens our imagination to this day will be as generous to give the impression to future generations. (Bath – teremok also failed to show (but be aware that it is and Pts looks unusual) from the famous guests – Polenov, Vasnetsov, Ilya Repin, Ostroukhov, Serov, Korovin, Nesterov, Wrobel. In these places there were 'Alyonushka' and 'Knights' Vasnetsov, "Girl with Peaches' Serov' Vision of Youth Bartholomew ' Nesterov. "Savior Church (designed by M. Vasnetsov and VDPolenov) *" In Soviet times, on the opposite side of the river village of artists emerged, there rested and worked – Grabar, Korolev, Mashkov, Vera Mukhina … Is there an ordinary wooden hut – a museum that houses exhibits of which our great-great-great-grandparents enjoyed year after year … Even in the depths of the park stands the very hut on chicken legs .. Lark does not necessarily agree. Baba Yaga just vanished, and may simply appear at night, when quiet and calm. Passing round the lake drew attention to the two girls, whispering at the water. They chatted, and the young man was sleeping sleeping baby's head tucked under a thick purse. Maybe in his dreams he saw standing on the bank of the river in the garb of ancient heroes, staring into the distance and thinking about his only Alenushka … Passing close to the human saw the roof, standing on the ground. But under this kept all sorts of goodies roof, because once the kitchen is the construction .. I wanted to stay the night – to listen to the ancient trees that hold the secrets of the past. Ah, Russia! All you have is made up of cherished little corner of untouched nature, talent and hosts who went into oblivion with a revolution of the 17th year. Great joy that there are still those places that we – the future generations could experience the life and customs of our ancestors. So we can assess how happy we are in the present day, having obtained the greatest inventions – cars, appliances, electricity, internet and the ability to read these lines from the monitor … Well, about the stone women – tell apart .. Pts really good story …

Krasnodar Territory

Dear friends! We appreciate your time and we believe that every Internet user should know what he proposed and what will be discussed. Our goal – providing the highest quality, reliable and timely information about tourism and recreation in the Krasnodar Territory and in the Tuapse region in particular. Resorts Black Sea for us, not just words, it’s our way of life. Tuapse same region – this first of all, our home, and secondly, it is indeed unique and unique edge with excellent prospects for growth, development and prospects. The uniqueness of the area is very rich in the Black Sea coast flora and fauna, in an abundance of mountain forests, natural Monuments – Sites (surprise!), untouched by civilization. Holidays on the Black Sea coast will bring you some of the most memorable and most enjoyable days of solar life the beloved and long-awaited summer. Resorts Krasnodar Territory open to its guests. Hopefully, the project Tour-Explorer will help you in carrying out his plan. Tour-Explorer … The literal translation of this phrase – ‘tourist guide’. But it would be a mistake to think that this concept is widely and in full volume reveals the meaning of our project. Our main goal – is to provide the highest quality, reliable and timely information on tourism and recreation on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar territory and in Tuapse area in particular. Why such a narrow segment of the tourist market?

Flower Market

" Maybe the fact that in marriage there come rather late. 30-35 years, it was seldom think. Both men and women involved in education, building a career, traveling friends. When they decide to start a family, it is a deliberate act. Maybe they are not as amorous as Russian, may be cooler – do not know. But I often meet men who are walking with babies in their arms, talk to him, show beautiful places in the city, talk about architecture. That surprises me. Value is clearly biased against the Russian. There are few well-dressed men and women in high heels. Here, even the bankers go with backpacks on top of the suit and move to the metro. At the local "ruble" is no five-meter fences and guards with machine guns. Nobody brags that he has the most expensive card in fitness, but he did not go there. Blonde here natural and in large numbers, but looks they receive little attention. Apartments in Munich are cheaper than those in Moscow. Each is a nice addition in the form of so-called Keller. This is a small closing premises, usually in the basement, where you can store what we usually lies on the balcony. Here on the general overview is not accepted to exhibit the sledge and samovar, as well as modify the portion of your home, which is visible from the street. Even in its own apartment, you can change, such as windows only to identical, that is not simply the same color and shape, but also ordered from the same firm. Those who buy apartments on the ground floor there is a small garden, which compensates for the lack of balconies. It can not fence the fence, you can only plant low shrubs, they can not do barbecue, but for lovers of flowers – is ideal. But most surprising was not for me own gardens and not something that regular music lessons in his own apartment only possible with additional padding the walls soundproof material, and that calls to the apartment, as well as copper plates with names of tenants, and a button, including the lighting in the stairwell located in the street, near the entrance to the entrance. For myself, I realized that the city is open. Every window, every street, every smile. Even when a huge empty field, where are major holidays, such as Oktoberfest, even on Sundays when the shops are closed, and sellers were able to relax, even when closed the fountains, or have folded up their treasures in the van dealers Flower Market. Munich is nice and smiling. And he is waiting for a meeting. And yet here we are back. Information provided by fitness club Kimberley Land