Where better to sit on peregovorahMnogie sales managers admit the big mistake (and some coaches on sales), assuming that it is necessary to sit in front of the customer. Please tell me if you have submitted your a girl and your worst enemy and was told that the girl you look romantic star, as it has brought together more than you, and your enemy you must keep one program "To the Barrier" answering all of his attacks – where would you a rectangular table placed them? Of course the girl seated next to each other, and the enemy who needs to fight back – against itself. Likewise, when you sit down in front of the client, it causes psychological barrier negotiations are difficult. So why make yourself the enemy in the face of your client, sitting in front of him? Power phrases I believe that coming to your customers, you'll sit next to them, citing the fact that "I need something to show you. " This is a very effective phrase. First, you intriguete client. He begins to wonder: "What is he wants to show me?". Secondly, you give the excuse to sit down with your klientom.Initsiativa breaks Wall Incidentally, show initiative, be a leader even in unfamiliar situations.

If you have nowhere to put the documents on the table as a set of all tinsel, or move it yourself (do not worry, customers do not bite, if Of course they are not Mike Tyson), or offer to take the initiative to the client. Likewise, there are times when you are looking for, where to sit down in a public environment. Also take the initiative. Customers really like it when they take over the top. It's like tame a woman.

All women love brave and dedicated men. And if you're dealing with a man, a moderate sense of purpose and understanding will give you stunning results. If you are not so strong – nothing strashnogo. you sitting down!)