As its disciples comearama to follow the Christ, Simo was to conhcer Philip, only that when hearing the Word, if decided for becoming following of this deacon: ‘ ‘ believed until the proper Simo; e, being baptized, was of continuous with Filipe; e, seeing the signals and the great wonders that if made, he was atnito’ ‘ (Acts 8 -13). Only that the conversion of Simo, was contested by its proper acts, but in the front, when this tried to buy of apstolo Peter dom of imposition of hands, pra through this to make with that the other people received the Espirito Santo.

reprehended it to Peter. What Simo, when understanding the meaning of what asked for, had conscience of its act and was repented, begging for mercy. There, it is clearly that dons is conquered through the conjunct. The more we want of the power of God, but we must humiliating in them before It, to receive. Philip is a worker example who does not run away from the fight. In the meeting with eunuco, that it was informed to it by the Espirito Santo, through an angel, it obeyed and went down for Jerusalem.