Also I give by fact that each page must take to the visitor to take a single action. We construct our site? In order to construct the site we are going to take an example. We suppose that you want to sell parents to them of you drink, books on paediatrics. By all means already you have the study of market niche done and these organizing the site. By where you begin? Well, first that you must do it is to design a Web where the main action is to subscribe to the greater amount of possible visitors. You can divide of the following way: 1. Who we are: Here you are going to place all the data yours and of your virtual business, like thus also the privacy policies, in addition you will present/display your virtual business and you would give your legal data to them.

2. Of high Interest: Here you will place articles written by you the aim that it has this section is not as much that visitors read these articles but uses it to Google to improve the indexing of your virtual professional office. 3. Our supply: Here you place the product listing and services that you are going to commercialize. When the visitor does click in the connection of the listing must go to stop to the bill of sale of the product that this interested.

4. Faqs: Here you place the questions that your visitors can who are becoming. Of that way you are going to dissipate the doubts of them, before are realised you. 5. Beginning: Here you will sell one of products most important that it is going to have your virtual business. That product is going to be your mini course by email Because one of the most important products? Simply because it is going to you to provide with the prospectuses necessary, to sell the other products that are going to allow to you to make profitable your virtual business.