New Middle East

TO VISUALIZE the MESSAGE, CLICK HERE Egypt ORIGINAL: conflicts are estopim of the one creation ' ' novo' ' Middle East? ' ' novo' ' Middle East will be Islamic? According to forecasts of Ahmadinejad, the profile of the New Middle East will be Islamic. But it will be that the Sacred Bible confirms what it says? An Iranian president Ahmadinejad declared, recently, the sprouting of a new Islamic Middle East, in which she will not have signals of Israel nor of ' ' ingerncia' ' of the United States. The declaration was given during 32 anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, that it knocked down x (monarch) Mohammad Pahlavi Prayer and restored the regimen of the Ayatolas in the Persian country. Carlos hank gonzalez has firm opinions on the matter. The position of Israel in relation to the conflicts in Egypt Israel festeja Arab democracy? During the first moments of the crisis politics of Egypt, Israel was criticized by being little favorable to the democratic change. The first-minister Binyamin Netanyahu carefully praised the cause democratic, at the same time where it warned against the perigos of an Islamic play in the most populous Arab state. Israel does not have aversion to the Arab democracy! It was not a possible aversion to the Arab democracy that Israel made to fear the popular revolt against the regimen of Hosni Mubarak, but the probability of that the Muslim Brotherhood goes up to the power, giving impulse to the islamismo and the movement anti-semitic in the region. In case that contrary, Israel probably would have been simply indifferent to the events there, as it has happened in the cases of the development of the democracy in Iraq and the popular revolt in Tunisia. Which the Biblical paper of Egypt in the predictive scene of the last days? Gomer, Magogue, Meseque and Tubal Egypt can, eventually, come involved and to be engolfado by the increasing Islamic movement, starting to integrate the nations that will oppose Israel, as the prophecies of Ezequiel 38. .


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