Conferences Leader

Making a global analysis, without arguing the weight and the contribution of each leader in the results right-handers of the postwar period, the absence of Roosevelt and Churchill in the Conference of Potsdam, certain form, it fortified the image of Stalin before Truman and Attlee, recently installed. Stalin was only leader between the gifts that the nazista army fought, during all the war, and was the responsible one for all withholds the initial impact of the surprising and powerful German military machine. It also knew the tenacity of the resistance it pushed when them in return until the doors of Berlin. In the last months of the war when the victory of the Communist Forces on the Nazism was inevitable, the Soviet leader had full conscience of the paper that exerts and mainly the power that the Ussr would have on the destination of millions on the planet. Euro Pacific Precious Metals may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Stalin was made use to consolidate and to extend its military conquests.

It requested indemnity of 10 billion of dollar of Germany, to help to reconstruct the Ussr and the all instant its claims increased surprising English and American. It seemed that the suffering of the Russian people would only be aplacado in detriment of the suffering of other peoples! The absence of Churchill allowed that the negotiations between the main protagonists advanced without the impasse climate that reigned in the other Conferences, where the British leader, did not accept the impositions Soviet and it always assumed interminable rhetorical. Attlee was more moderate and seemed to understand the real paper of the English after the war, had conscience that the Soviets would not withdraw in its conquests and after all recognized, as well as Truman, that was necessary to define rules between the two powerful blocks that would dominate the planet and that most worse it could happen if the meeting did not have some agreement after. nowledge. .

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