Webinar Mobile

The mobile workplace of the future who work mobile is indispensable for many employees in Germany. Be accessible from any location, this is the pise of many companies. According to a recent study by Vodafone Global desire be enterprises already in 70 percent of the surveyed employees the option of mobile working solutions characteristic. While only 15 percent of those polled do without mobile solutions, the fact is all the more gratifying that 44 percent see these solutions as their top priority of respondents. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dennis P. Lockhart. The opportunity for employees to work from home also opens great possibilities and opportunities for many companies. By using different mobile workstations”employees can communicate so inexpensively and quickly in a very short time.

To indicate which trends define the mobile workplace in this year, Citrix Online has summarized the most important software-as-a-service trends: 1 Webinars: companies and individual persons obtained webinars the ability to easily and cost-effectively perform events or presentations on the Internet. The number of participants is unlimited and so the option on interactive group discussions. Webinars that include a screen sharing feature, descriptions can bypass by using this Visual Component long. Webinars can score in many companies already. According to a survey of the US specialist medium BtoB”be classified, for example, 48 percent of the respondents B2B Marketing Manager webinars as an effective marketing instrument. Good on-demand service provider depending on the business needs allow providing Webinars for up to 1,000 participants. At the technical level, Webinar technologies pay off: so a company can cut in half the latter through the targeted use of webinar technology with 4,000 employees and a travel budget of one million pounds per year.

2. online meetings: also in the area of online meetings can avoid from now business travel and online meetings simply by be used on the road. Especially in times of Natural disasters such as, for example, the volcanic eruption in Iceland and the flight cuts this painted can dial employees from airports within a few seconds in meetings via the Internet.