Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial (building) vacuum cleaners are designed for professional cleaning of large areas. They can easily cope with any kind of debris: dust, sawdust and water. Structurally, industrial vacuum cleaners are powerful Dust-engine working in the toughest conditions. By choosing such specific cleaner to be approached carefully. Here are some points that should be addressed: 1.

Good vacuum cleaners have to deal with all kinds of debris. 2. The filter system must be mechanically vortex filter. It collects dust in a steel tank, which is very resistant to all pollution. Also cleans the air and provides less consumption filters. 3.

See models from cheap and affordable filters because they have to change them very often, especially in the wet vacuum. 4. Pay attention to the noise level. If you plan to use it in hotels, shops, restaurants, of course it should be minimal. 5. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a two-turbine, because it reduces wear on electric brushes, bearings, windings turbine. They do not overheat. 6. Case material only metal, as in situ likely drop heavy objects. Choose steel. 7. Continuous mode of operation is desirable. 8. Fuel capacity for dirt. 9. Maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner. 10. If you decide to buy a vacuum cleaner with water filter, you determine in advance which will dispose of dirty water, where the wash tank and fill with water again. They have and their advantages: no risk of breaking a dust bag, do not follow his degree filling is humidification. Prices are much lower. 11. Availability of service – the center of your town. 12. The difference in price. It is distinguished by the following technical parameters: Power Consumption: 1250 Tues, 1400 Tues. vacuum: 14 kPa, 16 kPa air flow: 35 l / s, 40 l / volume: 20 l 25 l 30 l 13. For work in industry and manufacturing must see Ex Models, which provides for protection against hazardous dust and gas. And handy built-in compartment for accessories, adjustable speed, the presence of the holder of the suction pipe and other secondary functions. Regular shopping!