Using Marketing

When we spoke of marketing which interests to us is Atraer ours ” prospectuses of clientes” , to turn them into ” clientes” and soon to obtain the loyalty so that they recommend to us. Nevertheless, often, we see that for it, the companies create events, they contact to us by telephone, they invite to us to fairs, they send printed material to us, and following the budget they realise a television and radio campaign. But also often, they fill the email to us of post office with publicity that we do not want to read. What happens to this is that the consumers simply we evaded those initiatives because they invade to us and they seem to us annoying. Now I ask to you You want to promote the activity that you realise? You want to promote the events of your organization? You want to promote your company, products and/or services? Then they ten in account this: The SECRET not to be invasive, and yes to be attractive: It is to create value for which it reads. It is to generate contributions that benefit the user to him. He is interesarte by the needs of your users.

It is to think about them when you develop your products. You must use methods to help them to take action, must generate irresistible images and calls to the action. How you can do it? Benefciate of the POWER of the social networks, email, platforms of video, salas like means to direct them to YOUR BLOG. Excuse, not yet you know that it is a BLOG? It is a tool that allows you to create and to publish content quickly, but the best thing is than your readers can dejarte commentaries and cause that other people add themselves. WHY? You generate Respect, by the articles that you write. You invite to the dialogue, with your visitors. Each article is an opportunity so that Google loves to you. You have the opportunity to generate interesting and attractive information.

It humanizes your personal or enterprise mark. And by all means, IT ADDS value to the people who read to you or follow. I show an example to you? In this map-mental-map-conceptual connection you have an example of how Gonzalo fulfills all those BECAUSE S of which I finish speaking to you. If you like, djale a commentary a TIP: When you participate in other BLOGS also you position yourself. This information will help you to focus your actions.