Weight Management

The yesoterapia is a created treatment does more than 30 years that it serves to reduce between 5 and 10 centimeters of the waist within nongreater time to the two weeks. It consists of putting lipoltico plaster bandage dampened with certain natural components around the abdomen or another part of the body that one wishes, like the thighs or the arms. Through 10 sessions of approximately one hour of duration it is possible to obtain a waist of several centimeters less. The advantages of the yesoterapia are their rapidity, since in 5 sessions results are observed; its price, since he is much more economic that a liposuction; and his under risk, since it does not present/display any indirect effect and it does not leave scars. Also it is necessary to emphasize that it is painless method, although some people can feel some annoyance during the time in which they have plaster. It is possible to realise the treatment of the yesoterapia in spa specialized or homemade form, the comfort of the own house. In this last case, it is necessary to acquire on behalf of one all the necessary elements, like the gauze, dental plaster and the grass, such as rosemary and eucalyptus, used to dampen the strip. It has to emphasize that this is treatment that this focused in to obtain reduction in short term, sufficient so that you can be put that dress that as much you like and can go to a celebration or special celebration. Unless you maintain healthful and natural a diet, and realise physical activity, it is very probable that you return to gain those lost centimeters. Nevertheless, for who needs to improve the appearance and to have a flat abdomen the sooner, the yesoterapia is the best alternative.