The Great American Customer Service Unawareness Campaign

Q: I'm so sick of that so-called business experts always saying the customer is always right. This is my business, not the client, so I'm the one who is always right. Sure, you can have an opinion, but ultimately for me to decide who is right and who is not. And if the customer does not like can take their business elsewhere. What do you say to that, Mr.

Business Expert? – Paul W. A: Ah, Paul, and I had such high hopes that we would be friends. Oh, well, for that hope. The fact is that Paul, in the context of a normal commercial transaction, the customer is always right. If you can not accept that fact, you will not have customers for long. Of course, the client also might be unreasonable, demanding, unpleasant, totally insane, and controversial, but if you're willing to put their money in exchange for providing a product or service, then yes, the customer is always right. I agree there are terrible customers that you will gain ground if you let them. Rant, they rave, and demand more than they should receive.

But guess what, Paul? If a customer crosses the line of reasonableness that has nothing to do business with them. Thanks for your time and then send them to your non-so happy. Let them become someone else's problem if they are too much for you. I have invited customers to take their business elsewhere and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.