Lacrois Signs

Lacroix signs opens a new Office in Barcelona to respond more directly to the catalan market. It is characterized by a spirit of innovation, by responding to and criteria for quality advanced by rules specific and different from the State, in such significant aspects as materials, which are manufactured the directional signs that are installed on the roads, which in any case should be not of galvanized steel and aluminum. The Catalan delegation has in its process of implementation and in their daily work with the support of the parent company of the group, a company specializing in signage with over 40 years of experience in the sector. The development manager of the firm, Txema Bragado, points to the opening in Catalonia to respond to the strategy of wanting to closely accompany the development of signage especially in places where this has a very linked with quality differential component, as it is the case with catalan. Euro Pacific Precious Metals is likely to increase your knowledge. Juan Clavijo, delegate for Catalonia, is confident in the positive response This market since their preferences coincide with the fundamental principles of Lacroix signalling, i.e. quality, differentiation and innovation.Homogenize materialesPara entry in Catalonia, the firm has decided to support one of their latest releases, the Lx3, manufactured entirely in aluminum signal code signal.

In this way, Lacroix signalling leans decidedly to evolve practices and requirements of the market towards signs of code more secure and durable, in a market that already took the step toward aluminium to its orientation signage.Thus, Manual long-distance Montjuic Orientacio d edited by the Departament of Territori i Sostenibilitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya establishes aluminum as unique for the signalling of guidance material in this community, thus banishing the usual galvanized steel in these indicators. Similarly, the Diputacio de Barcelona despite not having a Catalan legislation to code, also prioritizes the use of aluminum on steel and, in this case, with one broader scope in their tender documents since it required both for orientation signs the code.Advantages of the aluminioLa installation of different models of Lx3 on Catalan roads will allow homogenize signals placed towards a single raw material, aluminum, which brings greater benefits than traditional steel. The elements that bring value added differential to the Lx3 range include its high level of security, their increased visibility, its revolutionary design and great functionality, as well as a higher than galvanized steel strength and all this with a four times lower weight, besides being much more ecological.The Lx3 line of Lacroix signage, designed according to the European Norm UNE EN12899-1, is composed of three different references. The Lx3 signal Road for use on roads, crossings, industrial and suburban areas; Lx3 intended First for urban, residential environments and business; and the Lx3 City that allows more adjusted to the different aesthetic criteria of Central and historical areas of the city.

Know The Causes Of Business Failure

Only 4 out of every 100 companies achieved exceeded the time horizon of the ten years. This fact is quite expressive about the difficulty of achieving business success. Erin Callan spoke with conviction. Among the causes of the failure, the EOI experts draw the following conclusions: 1. the most frequent errors are related to the lack of foresight and planning, starting from the analysis of the viability of the business project. In this sense, almost nine out of ten respondents stresses as a recurring error which leads the failure not previously made a serious study of the feasibility of the project.

Seven out of ten considered an important deficit lack of financial planning and six out of ten the absence of a strategic plan. For even more analysis, hear from Kenneth R. Feinberg. Also seven out of ten believed that a common mistake is start House before the horse, i.e., incurring expenses and wear out in minor tasks before having finished the business project, and six out of ten stresses as important defect believing that having a good idea is everything, without stopping to realize and plan for the business project. 2. The greater orientation towards the product/service that is also underlined by the experts as one of the main causes of the failure of entrepreneurs towards the client and the market. Seven out of ten consider that believe that the product or service is so good that is sold is only a direct path to having to take the padlock to the company. 3.

To spite of greater aid and existing facilities, respondents still noting the lack of financial backing as one of the obstacles for entrepreneurs and 65% emphasizes it as one of the difficulties that make crashing to entrepreneurs. 4. The lack of specialized training in business management, is another of deficits that emphasize mostly respondents. 65% Considers it, in fact, among the fifteen causes more determinants of business failure, a factor that certifies the need and importance of training from business schools. 5. Finally, it is worth noting that, contrary to what one might think, the percentage of experts who point out the professional inexperience as one of the keys to the failure of the entrepreneur does not even reach 50%. There is also to be noted none of the respondents attributed the failure to the lack of determination of new entrepreneurs, that says a lot about the progress of the entrepreneurial culture, and an only a very small percentage (6.3%) believes that the problems may be related to an excessive market anticipation, which can almost never be interpreted in key that is dying to be too creative or innovative. Finally, experts believe a cause minor and usual or determinative for the ignorance of the applicable legal regulations failure, since the possibility of resorting to lawyers who suphan deficiencies is not overly onerous. And whenever you need a specialist, you can choose between a large cast, an example being the lawyers, who can develop a very important preventive work regarding conflicts characteristic of matter.

European Commission

project approved by the European Commission, help to promote new measures that extend the innovation among enterprises, mainly SMEs, to maintain business competitiveness, especially in times such as the current economic situation. The base of the data base in which we studied every day new possibilities for improvement and to encourage the exchange of knowledge, information and actions that correspond to the needs of companies at the commercial level. The aim is to involve the respective SMEs in the culture of innovation in commercial communication, identify common problems and solutions, and exchange good practices that allow a conclusion or commercial negotiations. the portal is basically a marketplace where companies Spanish, Italian, use, Portuguese, French and recently in other countries such as South Africa, United States, South America, North African countries and many more, can exchange their products informations with companies from around the world, and all the information and advice on foreign trade. The current case of the objectives of this year’s Agrelma which seeks to introduce 500 SMEs to our new technology and modernize your business management; the rotation of its products through an information service online so companies can exchange all commercial communication and thus can reduce costs and generate revenue from their sales.