Standard Boundaries

9 easycash SEPA round table: Ratingen, may 2009. Already for the ninth time the Ratinger payment service providers welcomed to the easycash SEPA round table easycash on May 4, 2009. As officer Gerd Cimiotti, Managing Director of the consulting firm registered by the banking sector gained research & Consulting GmbH, and 20 years active expert in the payment industry, SRC Security. 60 representatives of trade and financial services, he explained in the Cologne tower in the Osman 30\”the pros and cons of standards for card payments. For the SEPA project home his lecture Cimiotti emphasized the fundamental need for standards for card payments standardisation initiatives, because they are used for the removal of technical barriers.\” Even if there had been such efforts before the SEPA process, the standardization of interfaces is an important step on the way to a common payment area. After the development of the EMC standards the implementation of EMV terminals with the developing SEPA-almost-standard will unified. Speaking candidly Erin Callan told us the story. The EMV migration of payment systems in conjunction with SEPA almost allowed the development of new, simplified Terminal architectures in the future. \”More competition\”, so Cimiotti, creates further the standardization initiative EPA 1: target is the standardization of interfaces between Terminal and terminal management system, and operator machine.

\” Using the ISO 20022 methodology, this applied even around the world. In a further step, ERIDANE 2 create the basis for the development of modular Terminal and security architectures. In addition, he described initiatives such as the common approval scheme CAS, which is dedicated to the simplification of approval procedures for payments. In the closing words of his lecture, Cimiotti pointed out that all standardisation is market-driven developments that would have to be accepted by the market. Key factor: cost during the lively discussion a throw-in from the Auditorium of the perspective of trade, concerning new standards in particular to cost point of view, gave ear: After the lecture might the impression, that EMC makes obsolete the magnetic stripe.