Savings Bank

One of the most frequently mentioned issuers – Savings Bank of Russia and its common and preferred shares. Often, in the advertising appeals are based on this tool as a perfect example to illustrate opportunities of the Russian stock market. Only the 2006 ordinary shares of Sberbank of Russia have increased in price by 142.19% and 132.67% for the privileged. Despite the fact that the stock market itself and micex and rts in the last two years have shown just remarkable results, the upward dynamics of shares of the Savings Bank exceeded all expectations. At a time when deposit rate in 2006 ranged at 8-11% per annum, the owner of the shares of the Savings Bank was able to get earnings are much higher.

Of course, it is impossible to predict the exact price targets on a particular point in time. There were times when during the 2006 campaign, and adjusted downward quite substantially, but the excitement of the shareholders always ended after the suspension of the correction and the beginning of a new wave of growth. Become a shareholder of Sberbank will want even more, if you take to analyze the value of the shares since 2000 to date (see chart ordinary shares and the schedule of preferred shares, file size approximately 100kb). Price of ordinary shares in the Savings Bank has grown to 706 rubles per share on Jan. 9, 2001 to 99,000 rubles in February of this year. Simple possession of Sberbank yielded excellent profits for the past six years, and not necessarily to be tension daily trading on the exchange, that would get a profit, simply to buy in 2001 and keep all the property papers of the Savings Bank this period.