Market Real Estate

With the idea of making a 2 years specialization in architecture and return to my country after this, with the tread of the 30 years exceeded, Spain is my destiny, so, for the 1 January 2002 is already lived important income of the currency Euro as a single currency for all countries of the European Unionthe famous pesetas, have their days numbered, conversions and calculators with double values are the souvenirs sold and more gifts, the awakening of a new economy based on housing construction makes that rural land is downgraded, more urban projects are carried out and the growth of the hiring of unskilled labor, opens its doors to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who see their chance of progress in the real estate bonanza Spanish. Study and work has never been easy and even more abroad, my first year of studies was not relevant, when you are coming you want to grasp the world in your hands, but conditions are different. Starting with the conversion of the currency of one minor to a major currency, you think: here the high costs in rentals and homes are astronomical. 2002 Rent half a House with 2 bedrooms in 55 m2 ranged between 400 and 600 and the purchase of a used housing with the same characteristics was around the 150,000 to 180,000, however for an economy that seems to become very stable prices are accessible and second-hand dwellings are becoming object of desire by estate agents, that also offer new housing in exchange for a small increment of the resulting from the sale of your first home, as well as the brand new house starts to become an obligation, must exploit the fat cows, sell your House at a good price and brand new chalet or win more square meters is the goal. As I said before, is not something new have the first years in another country are the most difficult, but the opportunity to go from being an anonymous worker to be part of a large company, always happening by your head, even more if where you walk or you move there are 2, 3 and 4 or more cranes erect, building towers and buildings with apartments, duplex, attics, dormers, etc. .