Pharmaceutical Products

If you want that something is done, appoints a person in charge. If you want that something is delayed eternally, it names a commission (Napolen) guaranteeing the health through pharmaceutical products is doubtless, a sumptuous and profitable business. Unfortunately, in many countries even including to us the case of Venezuela, where to acquire it represents them a great sacrifice before the rickety budget that is had, product of a very low wage in relation to the cost of the high price of pharmaceutical products, nonaccessible for a significant number of consumers. It is known the great monopolies of many companies that they make pharmaceutical products, for that reason does not have to surprise to us that every time they are very many the voices that rise against the monopoly of the great pharmaceutical partnerships. So that a medicine obtains permission to leave to the market, they are necessary studies in humans who demonstrate that he has more advantages than placebo, comparing the reactions in several people. Nevertheless, every day plus companies do without this comparison limiting itself to demonstrate that the new substance is better than the treatment considered valid until then. Although these practices facilitate the exit to the market of new products, they do not guarantee majors curative virtues. At the moment, the United States of America and Great Britain are the two nations leaders of the world in pharmaceutical product export.

In fact, two of three dealt drugs at the moment on world-wide scale come from companies of these two countries. On the matter, it indicates to us that besides the danger of the indirect effect, some NGOs as Doctors without Borders either OXFAM accuse the companies to grant the more importance to their patrimony (protected by the patents) that the human lives. On the other hand, the companies are defended alleging that they are not world-wide a sanitary service.