Implementation CrmSystems

Let us determine when you should use CRM-system … I do not want to give any definition and formulation, as in school most of us have formed a stable immunity from memorizing rules and definitions. On I think a more logical explanation is to "live" examples, at which point it is worth considering the introduction of CRM. In its CRM-blog "When should think about implementing CRM I described the situation with a travel agency (subject use of CRM in the bank already pretty fed up with it, though and has not lost its relevance) … I think that many people can not lead a similar example in other areas of business. In this case, the various players in the market "Goods" will differ slightly.

Often in such situations, companies are focused specifically on the tools of price competition … But is it necessary? I'm sure, in my example is not difficult to find the best price conditions in the larger agencies. But I, for instance, more importantly, personalized quality service … I know exactly what crying and my expectations are almost always justified in full. Moreover, no monetary savings will never compensate me and my family spoiled vacation and spent nerves. Itself begs the question – "what can give the girl-manager from my example, the introduction of CRM-system?" I do not think this is very improve the quality of its service … And over-regulation processes can have the opposite effect.

But if the agency can not brag and other such qualified staff (in this case – can:)), the CRM-system – it is "insurance" for guidance. In addition, human capabilities are limited, and if the number of agency clients increase, the girl would be difficult to keep in mind all the information about customers. But in this case, the CRM-system is not a panacea. For a small company is quite possible to confine the preparation of high quality client base and process optimization. Of course, in this case, you can find good use for the CRM-technologies, but in any situation must be assessed the feasibility of such a step.