Multichannel Marketing

workinghead offers comprehensive consulting services in the area of loyalty / retention Munich, 04.07.2012: that loyalty or customer loyalty programmes can contribute significantly to the success of the sale, is now well known. Of importance is but first and foremost, that takes advantage of customer loyalty across all channels relevant to the customers, operates so classic multi-channel marketing. Whether offline, online, or mobile, the possibilities through various channels with customers to communicate are elemental in loyalty and multi-channel marketing”explains Alexandra Ranzinger, Managing Director of workinghead. Workinghead is a proven expert on the matter with Alexandra Ranzinger. In addition to their professional stations payback or as Managing Director of DeutschlandCard the PhD Economist has become mainly a name as a consultant for the development of CRM strategies. Proven expertise Alexandra Ranzinger is an expert in the analysis of the company’s sales and the design also new Sales and marketing strategies. Established customer loyalty programs such as E.g.

payback have now built an immensely strong foundation of information by its trading partners and in addition in all communication channels of print over digital to mobile applications optimally as a multi-channel platform turns on”explains the Managing Director of workinghead and consultant for multichannel marketing. Multichannel marketing r. sees no trend as already established. Through the use of different channels of communication, it is possible to reach different customer groups on different distribution channels. Networking and holistic approach to customer churn, for example, not only can be significantly reduced.

The potential of loyalty and multi-channel marketing activities is also to acquire new customers and to enable existing customers more”, stressed r.. Payback is a positive example for this turn. Because the advantage of a personalized communication is obvious. Performance-based campaigns will include in future the standard mix of modern and integrated multi-channel communications”, underlines the Director of workinghead. Alexandra Ranzinger therefore advocates to consider not only standard solutions, but developed as a consultant for multichannel marketing individual solutions together with its customers. “It is important to know the strategic goals, just to focus and to clarify what you want to achieve then together: such as higher average receipts, new customers or reducing customer churn” r. declared finally. About workinghead: Workinghead was founded as a owner-managed consultancy by Dr. Alexandra Ranzinger in 2009. It aims to support companies in the development and implementation of successful strategies for the optimisation of their sales. The focus is on the areas of loyalty management, CRM and sales. Alexandra Ranzinger is in these areas since successfully worked over 15 years in various management positions. It thus has extensive market knowledge and experience, and an extensive network from which their customers benefit. Company contact: workinghead GmbH & co. KG Kopernikusstrasse 9 D – 81679 Munich Internet: press contact: workinghead GmbH & co. KG woman Dr. Alexandra r.