Hannover Office

Around 105,000 m have been implemented last year in Hanover area, about 30 percent less than 2009. The year 2011 is coming to the end and has shown that the current fiscal problems have no impact on the German real estate market. Growth impulses highlighting Germany as a strong economic engine with sound policy frameworks. The German Office and investment market continues to grow and the empty booth numbers are a total decline. But it remains to be seen how Germany is robust and the euro crisis will have dampening effects on the German real estate market. As host of EXPO 2000, the capital city of Lower Saxony has the largest exhibition grounds in the world. The CeBIT and many other fairs are known worldwide and annual attraction for the international business world. Hanover is a safe Bank for investors and investors with around 516.000 inhabitants.

Over 1.2 million people live in the region. The Hannover Office real estate market includes an office rental area of 4.6 overall Million square meters. In 2009 the rental reached an office space take-up of approx. 150,000 m. The sales events, however, was characterized by the construction of HDI Gerling (50,000 sqm as owner-occupiers). Around 105,000 m have been implemented last year in Hanover area, about 30% less than 2009. For the current fiscal year 2011 m expects a rental volume of approx. 140,000, because already approximately 85,000 square metres were implemented in the first half of 2011.

With an overall vacancy rate of 4.6%, the real estate market Hannover offers stable returns and potential for development for new office buildings and revitalization. Office rents in the city keep a peak of 12.50 / m meters and rising. Retail rents are average at 125 / m sq. 1a-locations, top rents are called m 180 / m. In the subcentres, rents between 10 / m reach m and 20 / m. This level will endure for the next time. The rents are in logistics real estate also unchanged at 4.50 / m. As real estate consulting firm, we regularly analyze the real estate market in Germany and selected sites in the country and abroad. Our customers benefit from the transparency of the market, based on years of experience, we obtain since 1996 through a detailed research. This includes the systematic analysis of the collection and processing of real estate transactions, information about the current market situation and future developments on the real estate markets, statistical data, observation of market participants and databases of commercial providers, media and Internet research and interviews with experts. The results of these analyses provide comprehensive information and are the basis for sustainable real estate-related decisions. Each square is a national and international small and unique real estate company with strong ideals and offers a comprehensive range of services in all areas of the real estate industry. The experience is a core competency, rather since 1996 Values and practices for present and future are derived which. The in-depth expertise results from the implementation of over 470 transactions with national and international clients.