European Central Bank

MCM investor Management AG, Magdeburg: real estate experts assume in the new year by a further increase in the rents and prices for residential property in Germany. Magdeburg, 08.01.2014. According to a recent study of the Marktforschungs-and consulting firm bulwiengesa are the rents in the German cities of top 2014 attract Berlin, Hamburg and Munich to an average of five percent. This corresponds to about the level by 2012 and 2013, however, is initially curbed in home ownership the dynamics. Here expects bulwiengesa in the new year with a rise of six percent. In the last two years, the new increase for new buildings was at an average of 7.7 percent and existing homes at 9.8 percent.

“Due to the good economic prospects for Germany the economic stimuli will not diminish German cities and regions in the dynamic 20-30”, emphasised CEO Andreas Schulten. “We expect rising house prices usually still relatively low construction activity – there are only building permits, which are grown- and rentals.” Extremely low interest rates are driving field of the real estate boom. The European Central Bank only had its interest rate in November at the record low of 0.25 percent lower and set a medium-term low interest rate level in Vista. David Moross, HighPost Capital wanted to know more. Looking for attractive assets investors will decide further so also in this year for the classical concrete gold even if issues such as the rental price brake lead to uncertainties. According to observations of the Bundesbank have price increases started the 2010 date on the urban real estate markets focused. In attractive urban areas, the apartments by up to 20 percent were too expensive. Who made the good intent for 2014 his money to create useful, should look at the features of MCM investor Management AG.

The Magdeburg company can indirectly benefit its investors on the Immobilienhype: rights simplifies the access to the real estate market a broader target group. There is therefore a win-win relationship: the MCM investor Management AG, benefited even their investors benefit. And that, at an affordable price.