Detective Agency

Presentation of the Detektei Windschiegl to her now 10-year-old anniversary of the Detektei Windschiegl was founded in the autumn of 2002 and has established on the market as private detective agency and economic investigation agency in Germany and around the world. The customers include individuals, economic enterprises, lawyers and public authorities. Professionalism, reliability and customer protection are at the top of the detective agency it is proud with a growing years solid customer base. Federal Reserve Bank describes an additional similar source. Whether it is the classic observation in the private sector, staff review for the protection of the company and the employees, stay investigations, and even evidence collections after a murder case in the Oman, the range of activities of the detective agency is far-reaching but of course not boundless. The detectives of the Detektei Windschiegl look forward to the success of the company to have contributed significantly. A detective, private investigator, or Wirschaftsdetektiv (in Austria also professional Detective) is a private investigator. Investigations (investigations) and observations (Observations) collects and the detective in court documents usable evidence.

Customers of a detective agency usually consist of individuals, economic enterprises, lawyers and authorities. In Germany, have no special rights detectives of a detective agency and require no special license. Therefore should be taken if a detective or a detective agency has a certain experience and a reasonable time on the market ‘exists’. As a result, most can be considered black sheep or rogue private detectives out of the way. To get a neutral and credible also score a success fee for private investigators and Detektein should be avoided. The private investigator is not thereby under pressure at any price a useful and accurate results to deliver to the client. A detective agency or a detective agreed generally with the customer a service contract within the meaning of the civil code.

The key point is the exclusion of the guarantee of success. Good news may be that it by the Landgericht Mannheim a updates Judgment to deal with GPS devices and their persecution is. The District Court sentenced a detective and an employee to ever 18 and 8 months imprisonment on probation. The background was that attaching a GPS device to a foreign vehicle and recording and storage for subsequent route tracking. The LG Mannheim saw this as a violation against the Federal Data Protection Act. This judgment should be enjoyable for all who want serious results. The value of classic detective work is increased again and separating the chaff from the wheat. Unqualified and quick profit-oriented “service provider” can not perform high this.