Network Marketing

A new Insider portal under the domain is the truth behind and Systematics of network marketing on January 19, 2011: is gone at the start, that reported about the true background and classifications of network marketing. “On the subject of network marketing, there are only a few insiders, the industry” and the respective prevailing mechanisms, systems, Obskuritaten and especially the psychology ruling in the background of this industry really know. Marco de la Rosa, former publisher of Germany’s first network marketing glossy magazine, is one such insider, about ten years who editorially accompanied this industry. He knows as well as all executives, CEO, founder, and network marketing coach, who rank and name and is well familiar with the tactics, strategies and ways of working of the industry take-offs and approaches of the network companies. Under its care millions of reprints and hundreds of books, CDs and audio cassettes have been produced, with countless Have been made aware of people in network marketing. Many executives, companies and coach owe not only a degree of popularity, which continues today, but often millions sales him through the editorial coverage through finely tuned PR activities and close cooperation. “” “De la Rosa:”At managerial level, network marketing is no cotton balls to throw game”, but a brutal business to the extraction of human resources” as well as the achievement of sales in billions of dollars. “There are no victims, only offenders, there are guides or Folger, strong or weak sales partner, Hunter or hunted and everything is subject to the law of a particular, finely adjusted system, you should know if you would like to belong to the winners in the battle for the much acclaimed passive income!” Whoever wants to know the truth behind from the perspective of network marketing insiders should definitely once a look at the Portal: throw.