Briquettes can be produced from any waste. Fuel briquettes from sawdust are popular and more economical fuel and used in many countries around the world. Wood briquettes do not include any hazardous substances, including adhesives. Specially extruded under high pressure and high temperature, briquettes are shaped cylinder. Fuel briquettes have wide application and can be used for all types of furnaces, boilers central heating boilers for wood, etc., excellent burning in fireplaces, stoves, grills, etc. Briquetting waste recycling sawdust woodworking industries allows us to obtain an excellent source of energy without environmental pollution. Briquettes are made by screw pressing, do not include any hazardous substances including glues and other binding additives, ash after combustion of the briquette virtually remains.

Strength gained by the substance contained in the wood – lignin, which is melted under the influence of temperature and heat. Fuel briquettes have wide application and can be used for all types of furnaces, boilers, excellent burning in fireplaces and stoves, grills and more. Good quality briquettes is the constancy of temperature during combustion, for 4 hours, also when using them, you and your clothes will stay clean in Unlike peat and coal. Marketing opportunities and where the briquettes. Fuel briquettes Pini & Kay standard are fuel efficient and have a stable customer demand. Market in Western Europe, today the main the use of briquettes are there. In particular, the photo you see a pack of briquettes produced at our facilities commissioned a German company. We also have posted pictures of burning briquettes.