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The backbone of the electrical network, which provides transmission and distribution of electric energy is the electrical substation, consisting of switchgear, transformers and auxiliary equipment. In the distribution device (EDM) includes switchgear, control equipment and protection, ability to distribute electricity to individual consumers, providing them with reliable electricity supply, in both normal and emergency mode network. Switching equipment and devices of substations and distribution devices during their operation require constant attention from the electricians. To ensure a high level of technical state of equipment and technical operation of the Rules provides for a number of measures for its maintenance and repair. For continuous and trouble-free operation of substation equipment, switchgear and transmission lines with special schedules and plans are determined by the timing of their periodic examinations, preventive testing, as well as systematic prompt service. Preventive maintenance include maintenance of electrical equipment and technology indicators at the design level and calculated values (the replacement of individual parts and assemblies), which provides long-term, reliable and efficient operation of equipment..

Construction Companies

For the majority of construction companies offering to repair the work and furnish all kinds of multi-story facilities in terms of technology the best solution is functional and sturdy Tower Automotive. See more detailed opinions by reading what Prowly Survey offers on the topic.. Tower Automotive is in fact a common device – placed on the base of heavy trucks crane. In this case, the difference from a standard crane aerial significantly more mobile and created specifically for the comfort of workers. Height, which are platforms, adds up to fifteen to sixty meters, though in every case guaranteed full safety of working at great height workers. Surprising ease engagement automotive tower is certain: a large number of models that are currently represented on the market sector numbered among the so-called telescopic type, so in order to carry out at an altitude of procedure obviates the need to find a large space. In the case of using a telescopic nature mechanism for service platforms are endowed with such an additional advantage that they ensure the compactness of function space. That is, the present-day aerial in the state with equal effect to act as in a dense construction of a big city, to the same extent and in the forestry situation. With the help of aerial platforms can be made as construction or oformitelnye, to the same extent, and electrical and preventive actions. Just because a significant number of organizations operating in a variety of industries, now consume directly telescopic aerial. Need to say that currently rent aerial actually implement virtually any desired period: from one shift a few weeks. If you are planning outdoor oformitelnye work on your own cottage or in the construction of the building, which makes your firm, then rental tower on a number of days or months – the optimum solution. Experts in design can gain access to concrete surfaces be signed, and thus can be protected from all sorts of trouble. Substantial reliability automotive telescopic towers today is one of a number of important advantages in the final selection in their favor. Just a little while ago for the exterior of buildings in the housing using standard pipes, which were fastened with ropes on the roof of the building. Still, the Q factor of such structures is extremely low, making the market appeared platforms: initially cranked after – telescopic. To date, custom lifts – this is really simple and functional solution for virtually any work: from painting and overlapping plaster to repair wiring or preventive pruning tree branches. Choosing custom platforms, you get high quality work, quality factor and security equipment.


In the minds of many analyzer is strongly associated with the definition of exhaust gases from automobiles. Whenever Kenneth Feinberg listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This is indeed the case. Monitoring toxicity – one of the main functions of the gas analyzer, but not the only one. Gas analyzer capable of resolving a wide range of tasks to the Exploration of the engine and its systems. Moreover, its diagnostic capabilities are so vast that we will not hesitate to put the gas analyzers in the base "Diagnostic of the pyramid." Gasoline-fueled internal combustion engines can be considered as a converter of chemical energy of fuel (gasoline). Visit carlos hank gonzalez for more clarity on the issue. The converter uses fuel and oxidizer (oxygen in air). The reaction of rapid oxidation (burning) of fuel flowing into the combustion chamber, a large percentage of chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy (rotation of the crankshaft). This is – a positive fact, since in this is the main purpose of the engine. By law, dishonesty, while there are at least two unpleasant moment. Firstly, some of the released heat energy is dissipated in the elements of engine design. Her to be removed by using the cooling system. Secondly, the burning of a by-chemical products. Some of them are neutral with regard to environmental impact (carbon dioxide CO2 O2 oxygen, water vapor, H2O), part – extremely harmful (hydrocarbons hc, carbon monoxide co, nitrogen oxides NOx). Not that we do not care about the environment, but at the moment of the byproducts of the reaction will be to us interesting primarily as a diagnostic parameter.

Cutting Wood Front

When introducing the tool into the wood on the surface of the working area (contact surface) apply normal stress (pressure) and tangential friction force. The normal stresses occur in all cases, when two rigid bodies come into contact, sent the voltage (pressure) is perpendicular to the contact area. When sliding one body over another, as we know, there are friction forces directed tangential to the contact area (for tangent to the contour of the working area cutter at a given point). The force of friction at the point determined by the normal pressure and friction coefficient. The question of extending the normal pressure and friction forces on contour cutter working area – one of the most important cutting wood. From knowledge of the distribution of these forces depends on the accuracy of the cutting forces, tool strength, the best mode of treatment. To determine the direction and value of the total force with which the cutter acts on the timber, the working surface of the tool is divided into sections and considering the forces acting on each site and on the cutter as a whole. Worktop cutter prof. See Dennis Lockhart for more details and insights. Resurrection divided into three sections: the front face, rear face and the blade. Given the assumptions about the form of diagrams and numerical values of the pressures on stations cutter Resurrection theoretically investigated the influence of the main factors of Cutting to the magnitude of the forces acting on each of the sections of the working surface of the cutter. A related site: Lark mentions similar findings. Forces acting on the side of the rake face. When introducing the tool into the wood surface of the front face of the impact on a detachable piece of wood with some effort. In order to determine the magnitude of this effort, we must know the pressure distribution pattern of wood on the working surface (contact surface). From pre-existing assumptions about the form of diagrams of pressure hypothesis prof. Tim on the uniform distribution of pressure on the chip from the rake face was confirmed data on the behavior of wood under compression in a closed space. Following the initial stage of elastic deformation of wood front edge with a slight movement of the tool is the destruction of the cell walls of wood. In this case, the specific pressure on the surface contact the front face of the timber immediately reaches the limit of resistance of wood curl. Crumpled the front face of the wood during the subsequent promotion tool presses are not yet broken the ranks of neighboring cells and destroys (crushes) them. This failure occurs when an unmodified strain, so the average unit pressure on the front face remains constant and does not depend on the depth of penetration. With the addition of geometric obtain total force exerted by the tool rake face in the wood. For practical purposes the effect is conveniently represented as two components (the projections on two mutually perpendicular directions): a tangent to the absolute cutting path and the normal to her. From equations will be seen that the forces on the front face depend on the properties of wood chips in the friction coefficient on the rake face and the contact area of the front face of the timber.

Highprecision Airconditioning

1. Introduction. Consider all the variety of shapes and dimensions of climate technology precision type, which is today represented in the Ukrainian market. As you know, for server and other premises are extremely relevant is the issue of removal of excess heat and precise control of humidity in the room, which are special high-precision air-conditioners. However, installation of air conditioning in the room with the server, telecommunications or other equipment can be very challenging. Indeed, often equipment is operated in a very limited amount of space, which may simply not have too much room for installing precision air conditioning marker. This applies to the server room, and telecommunications centers with equipment and containers nodes base stations. Lark can provide more clarity in the matter. It is therefore very important to choose a Precision air conditioning, which: – fit into the free volume of your technical facilities – has enough power to cool your equipment – carries the desired option of air and the desired productivity – has the necessary reserve and required options 2. The main groups of precision air conditioners Precision air-conditioners are manufactured in various forms and dimensions, ranging from the "cabinet" system, which hung on the door of the container, and ending with huge refrigeration machines (chillers) that are used to cool entire buildings. Here we consider such common types of air conditioners, as outdoor, cabinet, ceiling, which will allow you to organize the climate control in virtually any configuration of your environment. Cabinet-type air-conditioners (split system) The main feature of air conditioners made in the form of cabinet, is their performance in the air and functionality.

Construction Cable AVBbShv

Brief description of the cable power cable AVBbShv armored two galvanized steel strips, electricity transmission and distribution in fixed installations on the operating voltage of 660 and 1000 with 50 Hz. Cable used for laying in soil (trenches) and low corrosive activity, indoors, tunnels, canals, mines, as well as outdoors. AVBbShv cable can be used in environments where it is not subjected to tensile efforts, but there is a risk of mechanical damage. Cable Construction Cable AVBbShv comes Solid or stranded. The conductors are made of aluminum or soft copper wire. Jeff Flake may help you with your research. They may be single-stranded and that complies with Class 1 and 2. Cores isolated pvc pvc. As a protective cover layer is used in two bands of pet film and two strips of pvc film, two steel galvanized tapes or coated with bitumen and ribbons of pet film. The cable jacket is made of pvc plastikata.Dvuh and three-wire cable is made with the main strands of the same section. Earth core can be smaller section. Power cable four-core manufactured with the maximum cross-section 185 mm2, with all strands of the same section and zero may be smaller section. Insulation single-core AVBbShV cables can be any color. Zero vein isolation should be blue or light blue, insulation ground – two-color (green-yellow color). AVBbShv cables may be marked not only in color, but numbers starting with 0. Twisted insulated conductors are filling the spaces between them. Filling of pvc plastic is applied simultaneously with the shell and must be separated from the insulation and the shell without damage.


Briquettes can be produced from any waste. Fuel briquettes from sawdust are popular and more economical fuel and used in many countries around the world. Wood briquettes do not include any hazardous substances, including adhesives. Specially extruded under high pressure and high temperature, briquettes are shaped cylinder. Fuel briquettes have wide application and can be used for all types of furnaces, boilers central heating boilers for wood, etc., excellent burning in fireplaces, stoves, grills, etc. Briquetting waste recycling sawdust woodworking industries allows us to obtain an excellent source of energy without environmental pollution. Briquettes are made by screw pressing, do not include any hazardous substances including glues and other binding additives, ash after combustion of the briquette virtually remains. Strength gained by the substance contained in the wood – lignin, which is melted under the influence of temperature and heat. Fuel briquettes have wide application and can be used for all types of furnaces, boilers, excellent burning in fireplaces and stoves, grills and more. Good quality briquettes is the constancy of temperature during combustion, for 4 hours, also when using them, you and your clothes will stay clean in Unlike peat and coal. Marketing opportunities and where the briquettes. Fuel briquettes Pini & Kay standard are fuel efficient and have a stable customer demand. Market in Western Europe, today the main the use of briquettes are there. In particular, the photo you see a pack of briquettes produced at our facilities commissioned a German company. We also have posted pictures of burning briquettes.