To date, the Flyers are the most simple and accessible information and advertising medium. Flyers – is the most popular type of printed materials, time-tested, which rapidly win the attention of a wider consumer audience. Leaflets, which are simply sheet of paper with printed information is printed on a small format without folding (folds). Printing of leaflets can be black and white or full-color, unilateral or bilateral, sometimes with illustrations. Double-sided printing allows you to include a maximum of leaflets advertising material. But the effect of such advertising also depends on the design of leaflets. Colorful leaflet on good paper has a better chance of being read.

Advantages of this method of advertising influence is obvious: it is easy to give up a leaflet in the mailbox, keep on the shelves, and give directly into the hands of potential consumer in a public place, such as a subway station. Due to proper choice of distribution can reach virtually any target audience. Currently, leaflets have a very wide range of applications – it flyers and leaflets for promotions and presentations, flyers for exhibitions and direct marketing programs. Depending on the specific goals of the customer, the leaflet can be image or information, contain a specific price quote or to talk about the advantages of a product. Leaflets different relevance, timeliness, content and a sufficiently large circulation, production and dispatch distribution, as well as short-term use. With print flyers you can convey to their prospective clients about your company or service.