Booth Time

A Production booth requires special knowledge and skills. thereforem even if your company has its own designer, we should not entrust it with full design-project of exhibition stand. It is better to refer to specialists, designers of specialized firms that sell exhibition equipment and design of exhibition stands, will do this work professionally. Exhibition booth – it’s not just a picture, but at the same time space (sometimes quite small from 6 m2, sometimes very large), and thus the designer must take into account the location of work zones and their design. Even if you go to a specialized firm for the sale of mobile exhibition stands, you too must be willing to work in order to get the result you gave, . Need to prepare terms of reference for the designer. .

To review and zoning exhibition space. . Develop a concept and artistic architectural design. . The technical design of the stand.

. Manufacturer of the stand. Participation in the exhibition – an important marketing event, not expensive enough only in monetary terms but also in labor costs. Every day we are faced with the exhibitors and we know that before the show, exhibitors have a great future stress event is always – and the first and the twentieth time is an important and exciting. It is therefore important at all stages of preparation for the exhibition to follow a specific algorithm. This will avoid errors, do not waste your time, money and hassle. Unfortunately, not all customers understand that the main result of this action – a positive image of member firms, which remains in the minds of visitors after the exhibition.