Is it better to Redesign A Website Or Create A New One?

Such industries as the creation of websites are always progressing. WEB-masters and designers are constantly improving methods of creation of Internet solutions, so sites created several years ago, now seems not professional and not modern. More and more companies for various reasons, have resorted to redesign their sites, but several of them major: changes in corporate policy and marketing strategy, the change range of goods sold or services, the slow work of the site and awkward navigation, the main competitors have updated their sites. But before ordering a site redesign, you need to understand precisely, first, in what amounts should be updated site, and secondly, whether to the time and money on it. Experience shows that often create a new site on the old domain name is much more profitable than to redesign the old site. When it comes to visual changes to the site of, for example, changes in corporate identity that will affect the graphics or color schemes on the Internet resource, then the optimal choice will be a visual redesign of the site. Using a flash-animation, tonal and color innovations will help revitalize the site, make it more interesting for the user and focus on the goods or services.

It is the visual redesign of the site enjoys very popular because it allows quick and inexpensive to upgrade the site, which the user is perceived as a new Internet solution, and the search engine is the old site, which helps when it is moving or undertake a comprehensive Internet marketing. If the task is complex updates, then, besides the visual redesign of the site, we need to functionality changes and additions. In this case the site expanded by adding new features and increased functionality of Internet solutions. All are redesign the site and changing its structure. After a comprehensive redesign of the site, we are dealing with a completely new Internet solutions, to the old site it binds only the domain name. The process is long and not cheap, most often advantageous to order the creation of a new site and use the old domain name than the remake outdated site. Another plus is a new project that you are not constrained by any requirements or limitations of the old site, all you can start with a white sheet and bring to life the most daring ideas. The result of all above said: redesign of the site profitable to do when it comes to a small visual update site, in other cases it is expedient to create a new project on the old domain name.