Making A Blog

We create the blog. How did I do? 1) Get your domain, your host Hire Central to this is to have a domain and hosting their own. So I did. I bought my domain and hosting Namecheap. It's in English because even the best companies for these products are in the U.S. or at least I do not know them in my language.

But Like, I try a little longer, passing perfected my English and I have good products. If you buy your domain and hosting in different places, you must add your domain to your hosting changing the Nameserver at the place where you bought the domain. 2) Host your program Hosting (Hosting Account) The next step is to accommodate the hosting … ufff that were already big words, but looking online I found a tutorial that helped me a lot. Look for it on YouTube. It is entitled "How to install WordPress in Spanish in Less Than 10 Minutes." The explains how to install WordPress with Fantastico Deluxe is a program that is included in your Hosting: 3.

Switch to Spanish in Follow the instructions and really not that difficult. To my surprise, even the previous video explains step by step how to change it into Spanish. What more could you want?? 4. Change Theme Next step was to find a Theme … yes and called for the blog looks the way you want, and with so many Themes like there, the truth was a little bit difficult to choose.