Book Publication

the political-pop band the bandwidth on the 04.12.09 at the 04.12.09 at Duisburg in Duisburg great party to the publication of the political-pop band the bandwidth to publish their first book the truth sits in the backstage celebrates the political pop band the bandwidth a large release party at Cafe Central in Duisburg. The singer-songwriter Wojna and the sound-tinkerer DJ Torben present texts from the book in a melange of rap and talk and look forward to a subsequent discussion with the audience. Controversial, provocative and mercilessly honest take not mince the words when it comes to sensitise their listeners and readers in an entertaining way for important topics and to carry it in their consciousness. THE bandwidth and the Culex – Publisher the 04.12.2009 from 8: 00 to the launch party invite all fans of the band and the modern song lyric on Friday. The entrance fee is 5 euro.

Poor socks only pay half. No matter whether wealthy or just for cash, an evening full of inspirational text poetry and modern is located, all visitors at this year’s Nikolauswochende Liedermachertums. Big party for book publication the bandwidth the truth sits in the backstage date: 04.12.2009 – 20: 00 (open from 18: 00) place: Cafe Central, Stein Gasse 48, 47051 Duisburg entrance: 5 euros / 2.50 euro (reduced) current dates & information about the band there under. About the truth sits in the backstage “: in the for the truth sits in the backstage selected texts is of the political songs about humorous story tellings to stories, which writes life, represented everything. In the book, it becomes clear that even without their hip-hop-heavy beats and their audiovisual shows the emotional aspects and the tongue-in-cheek humor are expressed. In addition, the reader learns interesting and exciting on the detailed background text for the band. People such as Primerica Shareholders would likely agree.

This book is for anyone who has noticed that you can no longer blindly believe the mainstream media and himself would not close other perspectives. But the cheeky lyrics are also fully on their Costs. Is available the truth sits in the backstage “(ISBN 978-3-942003-02-5) from the 30.11 or can already be pre-ordered at Michaela p by Culex – events