Lex Van

A special concert experience for the senses! Together with renowned musicians and dancers has in Baden bei Wien?Bathe artist Lex van Someren realized a highly ambitious project. Offered so far unprecedented is a unprecedented, the audience deeply touching blend even composed music, singing, dancing, clowning and light? and projection art. The melodies unite cultures from all over the world, whose Klange by a chorus will be framed and expressed by specially selected dancers. The audience captivated beat with Shinouda Ayad, famous Dervish turning dancers is last year’s RTLTalentsuche Germany got talent searches whose television appearances at the”. Special lighting? and projection effects round off the action on the stage, while clown Lexis ensures serene contrast points with his cheerful deposits. “A theatre for the masses away from the mainstream 28.11.2009 Frankfurt / Centennial Hall start: 20:00 more information about Lex van Someren’s dream journey for the soul” is It is in the Internet under. There are admission tickets at the ticket hotline at 0711 20 82 495 as well as all known ticket agencies. ACE Entertainment GmbH