The History Of Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eye Peas was born of would seem between Wiil I. Am and Apl of AP., that they were schoolmates. Been born in Los Angeles, the group gained force when one another friend of the pair, Taboo, started to participate. The differential of the band was the essence of its rhymes and the use of samples with a band to the living creature. The differentiated presentation of Black Eyed Peas did not delay very to call the attention the producers. In the year of 1997, they had signed a contract with recorder Interscope Records.

She was through this recorder who they had launched its first album ' ' Behind the Front. Although the record has been praised for the critical one specialized, the success was not very beyond California. With everything this, the album that really took the band to the success was launched in 2000, receiving the name from ' ' Bridging the Gap' '. The success occurred due to the partnerships that estrelavam good part of musics of Black Eyed Peas. It had participation of people as Macy Gray, Wyclef Jean and DJ Premier. To use to advantage, the band passed three years in one turn that she caught all cantos of the country. This turn also brought for the new band an integrant one. In one of shows, they had finished knowing the Fergie singer.

The initial idea was that it sang a band of the album. Only that Fergie worked so well with the group, that finished entering of time for the Black Eyed Peas family. The singer seemed a talisman, as soon as &#039 entered was launched single; ' Where Is the Love' ' , responsible for projecting Black Eyed Peas for the international scene. Music heading if became first place in the stops of some countries of the world, but this single was alone the start of an album of extreme success, ' ' Elephunk' '. Specialist in partnerships, Black Eyed Peas made an impression with the launching of ' ' Monkey Business' '. The record counted on weight names as James Brown, Brandford Marsalis, Talib Kwli and Justin Timberlake. Musics as ' ' Dont Lie' ' ' ' Shut Up' ' they had made a thundering success. To the few the band was decelerating and the rhythm diminishing. The integrant ones had never announced the end of Black Eyed Peas, but the majority was occupying good part of its time with the alone career. The last album launched for the band was The END (The Energy Never Dies) launched in 2009. The biggest success of this album is music ' ' I Gotta Feeling' ' , that it passed some weeks livening up the first place of the world-wide stops. In the Internet it is possible to find innumerable musics of the band, videos and also letters of musics of Black Eyed Peas. Then it sails for there that in minutes you will be able to tan the successes of the band.