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Different sites from coupons of discounts every day provide incredible opportunities, with discounts of until 90%, in gastronomy, imperdibles trips, tourism, events, aesthetic, adventure and other products, services and experiences. In Descuentocity one groups every day all the supplies of the best companies of daily discounts. These discounts are in favor available of a brief term of time, generally a day, and is only almost impossible that they become to repeat. How it works * Commissions: the negotiation varies in each case, but generally the companies request a commission of 50% of the price of the coupon (mainly those that have more amount of users; smallest, they request less). Also one negotiates if a fixed or limitless number of tickets is supplied. * The coupons: the client receives the supplies in his email. If some interests to him, it must pay (there are several ways) and soon receives a coupon with a code. He must print it and present/display it in the premises. * What to buy: The clients receive mainly supplies of services (massages, spas, restaurants, trips, toys, courses, etc.). In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. Every time they incorporate more products is spoken of " market of the discounts of da" because, generally, 24 hours last (although some extend the term to 2 or 3 days). And the height is unpublished. Sites like Urban Fish, Groupon, Letsbonus, Agrupate, BigDeal, Clubcupn, ClickOn, grupazo and Descuentocity daily receive tens of thousands of visits and his accelerated growth it has generated a fort increase in the local electronic commerce: the discounts are so tempting that a great number of users has begun in the world of the purchases by Internet. According to data of the market, approximately 65% of the users are women. Due to it, most of the supplies aim at them. The discounts vary between the 40 and 95% Each of these sites offer one, two or up to ten discounts at the same time. This implies that you need to read a ten of mails or pages Web for enterarte of the best supplies. Descuentocity simplifies the life to you and it allows you to be comfortably to as much of all the impressive discounts from a single place. You can suscribirte to newsletter where you will receive the supplies of your interest or visits the page of Internet daily, and you do not lose any discount. In September of the 2010 after the boom of the cuponeras Descuentocity arose, and from the growth he was constant there. In December of 2011 recibio but of 1.500.000 of visits, and profit to position in the Ranking of Alexa like the Buncher of daily Discounts in Spanish leader in the world, being counted presence in the following countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Spain and Germany But info:

Hong Kong

The recycling, although still it is not a legal imperative, yes is it in the moral plane. To part of a few negacionistas of the climatic change (although I do not know to what extent this term can be used referring us to the environment, is the one that is used habitually) it is quite clear that, speaking in silver, we are loading the planet. We are filling of sweepings, deforesting its forests to it, contaminating its rivers and seas, ending good part of the fauna and the flora that populate the planet earth, and sinfn of misdeeds more. So whatever has something of brings back to consciousness ecological, even brings back to consciousness to droughts, it has to do itself forced to act. To do what can, little as it is that. And it leaves from that little is to recycle and to support all the initiatives that harness, as it can be to use bags of paper against those of plastic, one of the great enemies of the environment created by the hand of the human being. The plastic bags are frankly harmful, and a sample of it is the attempt on the part of some countries to end its use. Learn more on the subject from BerlinRosen. Thus, in 2002 the Irish government introduced a law by which he commited the retailers to acquire a rate to his clients to provide plastic bags to them. The collected thing would go to the coffers of the State. In 2009, Hong Kong assumed a similar system. In the case of Ireland the use of plastic stock-market was reduced in a 90%. But like with prohibiting, or burdening, is not sufficient and he is always advisable to contribute solutions, we we showed preference for the paper bags. Hear other arguments on the topic with BerlinRosen. This type of bags, after being used the times that until wishes, they are broken or one gets tired to use them (by the reason that is, in this case gives the same, they are possible to be thrown in the same container in which we threw the old woman magazines or newspapers. We go, in the container of paper and cardboard, the blue one (for the confused ones). Thus, with a simple gesture, like he is the one to stop using plastic bags and beginning to use those of paper, we will be helping to harness the recycling, to that less sweepings is generated and, really, to conserve our planet, the planet earth, that after all is than it treats. At the moment it is unique that we have, and the one that thousands of million alive beings have, so it would agree to maintain it " vivo" the greater possible time.


Steel angles. This it is the nominative case that of general way occurs to those Conformed of steel which they are constituted by two orthogonal plates forming an L. These elements have a very important utility in the manufacture of metallic carpentry like elements of bidimensional support, and because it has the same inertia in two axes, of such luck that can be determined on the one hand whereas the other fin contributes cross-sectional resistance. Essentially makes it of two ways: Lamination in the heat of the moment they are obtained through which one denominates processes of continuous casting and which they consist essentially of a device that distributes in different lines of manufacture Steel strained, this lines has matrices with it forms that are desired to make that they can to be channels profiles L, in T strap, section I standard profiles, etc, a very important element of this type of manufacture are the Alambrn de Acero which is not another thing that a metallic product that is obtained in the heat of the moment by a process of Lamination thanks to train especially designed for this effect, known like train of Lamination, another important product is the billet or Platina the same that is metal plates of lengths of 6m in Steel or another material their utility is very ample, usually usually makes in the definitive form from the Steel mill like a Steel product. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Brooklyn Commons. molds of the continuous casting are cooled by water and allow the formation of long sections of steel Angles, the application of the same is essentially structural since due to the manufacture process it practically considers them isotropic and isothermal, and with a configuration of the constant material throughout its structure, the design techniques therefore can be applied without disadvantage (correction factors) to the structural design. Besides the conformed one previously described it is necessary to control the conditions of cooling so that the steel Angles it is ductile since a quenching can cause in an irregular hardening that is translated in fragility of steel product..

Key Points

Much people ask to me It is possible to recover less than to your ex- ones in a month? The answer is: by all means that yes. It happens frequently? If you follow the steps suitable and you adopt effective tactics recommended by a professional, the probabilities that you reconquer to your ex- woman in very just a short time increase exponentially. Why I insist on which the advice must be given by a professional? Because often we resorted to friendly or relatives who try to console to us and give advice us with very good intention but completely mistaken and who in fact move away to you of your primary target:to recover to your ex- pair. If you want to know how to reclaim your girl I am going to give 4 tracks to you that will help you to avoid errors and to begin your work to reconquer to your ex- best and the faster pair possible thing. Key point 1: The less contact you maintain with your ex- ones after the rupture, the more quickly she will return. Ten this in account at the time of analyzing following the key points. It remembers that the feminine mind acts of a way different from the one from the man. Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen has plenty of information regarding this issue. Key point 2: It accepts the fact of the separation. You do not fight against the rupture, if you act of coherent form and you leave guides a professional to you, you will see that to happen for a moment thus ayudarte can reframe the way in which you focus the pair, and who you recover when it the things go better than before, having more control and dominion on the pair life. Key point 3: The less it pressures in this first stage from the separation, the more possibilities you have of that returns quickly to your arms.

Client Methodology

To include/understand the necessity and methodology of our clients is the key to obtain more sales. Like a chess game, to put the pieces in the indicated place, the indicated moment makes the difference. Why they buy the clients? In order to be able to determine which strategy we must use, first we must include/understand some previous human aspects on sale. The most explicit case is when a woman wants ” vengarse” his husband and it leaves shopping to buy first ” thing linda” that it finds. It bought by necessity? by the product? the supply? No, only by an impulse. The dedicated buyers We called buyer dedicated to the person who before buying compares several products, analyzes its characteristics and on the basis of this taking the decision. To these buyers it is necessary to spend time to them and to use techniques of sales very little aggressive, focused in the end item. Generally, these are the best clients. The long term buyers Unlike the dedicated ones, also are those that consider so many alternatives as it is possible, before beginning the purchase. The majority of this profile concentrates in the price and the accessories. Many salesmen flee from this type of buyers, although with the sufficient skill, this type of client can serve as referring (or ” carnada”) for other clients. The best techniques will be those than they have an aggressive dye, and the accessories (merchandising, you refute, etc) must be varied. The impulsive buyers As all pulse (or impulse), the time is a determining factor. The closing possibilities decay according to spends the time: the sooner, better. Unlike the purchase by immediate necessity, the impulsive purchase has the advantage of which the buyer is on the verge of closing and only lack a small push. An aggressive technique is the best option. Taken care of with the keys, they only must be focused in the underlying necessity. The key mistaken or different from the benefit that hopes can make lose the sale. Explanation on the closing techniques the techniques of sales and closing vary client to client. To have speech armed and to repeat it what parrot, only distracts the buyer. The successful salesman contributes his human factor, the ear, ” olfato” and its capacity of adaptation to close of the best possible form each sale. The equipment of sales must be designed of way so of that when the type of client cannot be identified, or it is not his specialty, it derives the client to another member from the equipment so that defines. He is not accidental that great companies have areas specialized for each case and product, the work in equipment makes the difference. The buyers evolve, the technology changes and our strategies of closing of sales also must do it. If it needs professional advising, contctenos.