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JOSE BRECHNER Bolivian President Evo Morales, travelled to New York to participate in the General Assembly of the United Nations, but soon stopped for several hours in Venezuela to receive advice from their mentors, who as usual taught him phrases that should be repeated without be carried away by their common outbursts. The last time that he was in the House, extracted a coca leaf and said that it could not be that coca is legal to produce Coca Cola and illegal for anything else. No doubt he is right. The question that remains is what else made with coca but cocaine? If someone proposed the manufacture of any product that is cost-effective and mass consumption, removing alkaloid of the blade as it does Coca Cola, it would be of interest for all. Coca Cola original was developed with the alkaloid and it was created with the intention of removing the hangover after a binge, unfortunately for its inventor, the results did not produce the expected effect. Creative chemist stayed with their headaches and sold the formula. In this second visit to United States, Morales met again with its American guard, Jimmy Carter, who also invited Bill Clinton to join the talks. What were the Councils of Carter for his farmer colleague? they are a mystery, but he probably offered to monitor the forthcoming Bolivian elections and ensure continuity in power, as he did with Chavez. Also given must have him its support for access to the Nobel Peace Prize. Referring to climate change, Morales expressed: abandon luxury, abandon consumption excess; not only think about the money, think about life, in the future of humanity. Emotive words that should be consistent with their behavior. The bourgeois peasant spends tens of millions of dollars while maintaining a lifestyle that only the Socialists and potentates can occur. In a letter addressed to the members of the United Nations, Morales, he stressed that the world has a fever by climate change and disease model of capitalist development is called.

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In particular, using young labor, whose unemployment rate is very high. Most of these investments will be used in cementing social infrastructure, with the construction of two million homes, hospitals, schools and sports centers and another forty percent in works such as railways, roads, ports and airports, as it had before Bouteflika. Similarly, the creation of three new cities, electrification of 719 kilometres of the rail network, implementation of trams and meters, six football stadiums, a large mosque and the total renovation of drinking water networks, construction of tourist complexes and two thousand public buildings (report of the Institute of foreign trade). As noted by the President of the catalan Government: Algeria is a country largely done and who has money to do it. With regard to the stability economic, it has a growth of over 6%, large fiscal surplus, external debt under control, for example in the year 2006 Algeria advance paid all his debt with the Paris Club, which was $ 8 billion. And, in addition, stability of prices and per capita income higher than the average of the countries of North Africa. The talon de Aquiles from Algeria is tourism. Despite being an open Museum of great cultures, until a few years ago only received about 200,000 tourists annually. This is partly because of the deficiency of the hotel infrastructure and a fear of insecurity due to Islamic fundamentalism. But the Government has designed the programme horizon 2025?, so it is expected more than one million tourists for this year, and on the other hand, the hotel enhancement, the enhancement of Mediterranean beaches and other archaeological monuments, as well as adventure tourism in the Center-South of the country. Algeria is a bastion against the operations of Al – Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). United States and European countries recognize it. The operations of the Islamic terrorist group plan is strengthening in North Africa, hence attacking Europe. Algeria prevents it and even took the initiative and that Washington welcomed expressly organize a Committee of joint military operations with Mauritania, Mali and Niger, for the cross-border prosecution and that Burkina Faso, Libya and Chad, all from the region of the Sahel, have joined that Morocco was not invited not only because they do not belong to that area, but because there is mistrust of the country there was no strangely any attack on its soil of AQIM, to which it is believed supports. (*) Journalist. Member of the Foreign Press Association. Email: / Blog: original author and source of the article.