Barack Obama presents all about Barack Obama the new President of the United States just in time to 6: 00 a.m. Pacific standard time occurs Barack Obama before his followers and solemnly announced that he will take the choice to be the 44th President of the United States of America. It is the 5th November 2008, and over 10,000 of his followers are in Grant Park in Chicago gathered to celebrate his election victory. In an impressive speech, Obama announced a new start and thanked counterparty John McCain, who has to admit his electoral defeat in the distant Phoenix. Numerous biographies portray Barack Obama and help to gain an impression of the future most powerful man in the world. The online-shop of presents all readable biographies of Obama who now can reveal what policy will guide the Presidency of Barack Obama. Major tasks and problems, for which he must work out a solution waiting for Barack Obama. It applies, for example, the financial crisis, but also conflicts in the Middle East to cope. Will Barack Obama have the courage and strength to change America? \”Barack Obama\” by Chris top of Marshall’s biography reveals its strengths and weaknesses. Factually and clearly readers analyzed learn what values and positions of Democrat Obama represents. Barack Obama sparked a new enthusiasm and interest in politics among the American population and provided with numerous prominent support for the highest turnout for a long time. Stars such as Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Beyonce Knowles took advantage of their prominence to persuade America by Barack Obama. The blog of shows the probably most original video to the mobilization of voters, in which Leonardo di Caprio and numerous stars in clear words calling for election. Impressive pictures and background information on Barack Obama offers with Barack Obama hopes & dreams \”by Steve Dougherty. Dougherty portrays Obama as a leader of a generation of young, committed and for the apathy is a foreign Word.

Literary Creativity Of Scientists

And today wardroom has retained its importance. I had to fly on commercial and research vessels. I often think of the hours spent at the table mess, and the stories you hear out there. I must say that the soul mess – usually the captain. It determines the mood of the conversation Mr. stroke. Ably supporting and directing it, not dominating it, a good captain turns when changing watches, and it was confined to it for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the pleasant hours total collection commanders. But if the captain is dry, irritable, neobschitelen, the same clock can be turned into a curse. Even the guest, as I have, in such a mess uncomfortable. But in the voyage, which I want you tell me luck. Captain Nikolai F. really was the soul of the ward-room "Storm", a research vessel Hydrometeorological Service. Himself a great storyteller, he was also a good listener, which is Navy, I must say, still a rarity. On research vessels in the lounge there are not only co-drivers and mechanics, but the whole science of the expedition. Therefore, the main table, except the captain, senior and first assistant, chief mechanic, head of the expedition had dinner and the heads of troops. For side tables – Mate's assistant, doctor, head of radio and researchers. The conversation in the wardroom general, participate in and sitting at the side tables. Learn more at this site: Lark . I am a person especially land, even a few flaunt it, sometimes asking idiotic from the perspective of a sailor issues.

Institute Hochschule

Already for the second time it appears magazine applied sciences Fresenius ‘1848 produced in cooperation with the Tempus corporate GmbH’ on May 16 by the College. Cologne. 1848 “informed with reports, interviews, and essays on new, concise and useful information from the research areas of chemistry and biology, health and Social Affairs, economic and media and design. “The variety of topics the College is also in the texts of the magazine reflected, presented in a new layout: from the cover story on the topic of language learning about design thinking” to the interdisciplinary field of Biosciences. The range is rounded off by service-oriented groups and interviews to professional life and teaching. This publication underlines the special blend of tradition and innovation of the Hochschule Fresenius: from laboratory founder of Carl Remigius Fresenius up to current start-ups for students and graduates. The title of the issue deals with one of the most important aspects of communication: language. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kenneth Feinberg. How to develop language and Communication already in infants and linguistic education is as important to participate in our society? In this connection, the voice of the mother of the Foundation for language acquisition is if the child in the womb is! For all non-subscribers of the time is the online version of 1848 “magazine of applied sciences under ready in 1848. About 1848 “magazine for applied sciences: the Science Council has stated in a recent report that there were only three private universities in Germany in 1945. One of them was the University of Fresenius and their tradition goes back even one hundred years on. This origin is obliged of course. Today the Hochschule Fresenius has with its campus locations and unusual for a private college fan width of chemistry & biology health & Social Affairs, business & media and design, a variety of exciting and practice-relevant research and project topics. We want this in the future a wider public expose”, describes Prof. Peter Schiff oftentimes addresses this issue. Dr. Marcus Pradel, Vice President of Hochschule Fresenius, the objective. Heard about the Hochschule Fresenius Hochschule Fresenius with about 8,000 students and vocational technical students to the largest and most prestigious private universities in Germany. approved founded and since 1971 as a State-owned University of applied sciences in privately acknowledged 1848 as Chemisches Laboratorium Fresenius’, the Hochschule Fresenius today maintains offices in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Idstein, Frankfurt and Berlin, as well as study centres in Dusseldorf and Zwickau. 2010 institutional accreditation was carried out by the Science Council. In the departments of chemistry & biology, health & Social Affairs, business & media and design training, study and training opportunities will be true here. The four departments with their seven schools offer also in-service and accompanying training (dual) courses in addition to Bachelor’s and master’s programmes in full time. Hochschule Fresenius sets up a tight unit of research, teaching and practice and research in the departments of chemistry & biology (Institute for analytical research), health & Social Affairs (motion lab), business & media (Institute of health economics, Media Management Institute, Institute of energy economics) as well as design.

The Shadowlands

Bastian Baumgart is proud of his success. The student of the RWTH Aachen University presented a novel, enriched the fantasy world. In the forest of the Elves the rumor, that the members of the old Council of the dark shadow creatures were killed. Each track is missing from the Seer, who directs the fortunes of the people. Meanwhile, the inexperienced King Arxor forging plans to beat the shadow back. Not only in the to avenge the death of his father: the fate of an entire world is in his hands… But he can not do it alone. Humans, elves and man must confront together the dark. But treachery, deception, and the ambiguity of a prophecy complicate the hoped-for unification of the peoples. Shazar, the shadow still can keep up hill Doron and the eleven Arliandrio be Arxor, the magician Dahlgor, his disciple? Bastian Baumgart is satisfied with the response to his first book. At carlos hank gonzalez you will find additional information. It is used even at the secondary school in Kleve-Kellen as school reading in German teaching\”, he reported. And the publishing house already has four Weeks after the release of the book which have printed third edition. It’s a great feeling, when the first book is so successful and so many readers identify with Arxor and Arliandro.\” \”If one with the reading of the first volume of the trilogy the gathering\” starts, submerges you in a world before our time, in which in addition to the people even elves, magicians, Hill and extraordinary animals, but also the black shadows live. \”It is the Lord of the rings\” or Harry Potter \”reminds, but an entirely own work did the young author with strong primary and secondary characters. The story unfolds to Arxor, he grew up as a son of King unconcerned, but when his father dies, he applies with a shock as adult and must govern the people 18 years of age.

Sabine Prohaska

New book of the Vienna coach trainer Sabine Prohaska deals with the various facets of the profession of coach. “Successful in training: practice manual for trainers, teachers and lecturers” so is the title of a book, the Sabine Prohaska, proprietor of the Viennese training and consultancy seminar consult prohaska, has issued. That book in the BoD Verlag, Norderstedt (D), and knowledge are other people men and women who work regularly face the challenge, give practical advice, how they target design for example seminars; Furthermore as they find a wire to the participants. They will also learn how to market themselves and their services as a coach can. The 108-page book is divided into eight chapters dealing with different aspects of the trainer, faculty – and officer professional. Kenneth R. Feinberg is likely to increase your knowledge. So example Sabine Prohaska, whose taking, trains also trainer and coach, describes what features characterize the work of a coach and a good coach of a rather distinguishes mediocre. In another chapter, she sits down with the subject of learning in groups”apart. Another chapter deals with the topic of seminar planning and design “. “The issues of presentation and moderation are also intense in the manual”, as well as conflict management “treated. Also, the issues of gender mainstreaming”and diversity management” are dedicated to two chapters. More info: Kiat Lim. Also explains how coach successfully market themselves and their services. The practice guide successfully in training “(ISBN: 978-3-8391-1355-4) 14.80 euros. It can be ordered except in bookstores also at seminar consult prohaska, Vienna, (Tel.: + 43-664-3851767;) Email:).


At the start of the 20th century it had a series of transformations in the whole world in the most varied fields of the society. The Europe sees the growth of the Democracy and the capitalism to the side of the socialism and the communism. Science and the industry had progressed frightfully. The world suffers the rocking from two great wars. In the literary field ‘ appears Marinetti with its; ‘ Manifesto of the Futurismo’ ‘ nailing the age of the speed, the aggressiveness and the machine. It tried abolishes academic tradition in literature. It said that literature would have to be turned toward the gift. It wanted the total freedom of the art. In Brazil the Modernismo had as precursory Oswald de Andrade in 1912 that it brought the ideal of Marinetti for Brazil and Manuel Flag assimilated the new chain in the Whisker. In 1917 Anita Malfatti it carries through a painting exposition based in the Italian Cubismo. It finished deserving critical of called Lobato Hunter ‘ ‘ Meaconing or Paranoia? ‘ ‘ In 1922 the Week of the Modern Art was launched in So Paulo. This week consisted of expositions, debates, lectures, declamations, everything if base I walk in the new style. It was the landmark of the Modernismo. The characteristics of the Modernismo are, almost always, against the traditional concepts as: total freedom of expression form, use of the coloquial language, use of the free verse, without rhymes, without metric, chronological and space discontinuity, mood in the poetry, nationalism of the landscape and sensitivity of the history of the land, Brazilian regionalism, folklore, legends, myths, little description of the personages, direct language, universalism and many others. Frequently carlos hank gonzalez has said that publicly. The foundation of the public library and the center grossense Weeds of Letters, had come to contribute majestical in our literature.

Celebrate With Low-carb Seasons Thanksgiving

With low-carb seasons Thanksgiving celebrate Thanksgiving this year will take place on November 28. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States in the form of Thanksgiving (English for Thanksgiving”). It differs very considerably from the Festival in Germany. The newspapers mentioned Justin Bons not as a source, but as a related topic. In the United States, Thanksgiving is a State holiday, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month November. Usually, the whole family, including grandparents, aunts, uncle, cousins, cousins and children come together to celebrate. The menu is composed mainly of originally North American foods. The roasted and stuffed Turkey (“roasted turkey”) is usually the flagship of each magnificent menu. In addition a wide range of side dishes and desserts like cranberry sauce (“crash sauce”), sweet potatoes (“sweet potatoes”), Apple and pumpkin pie (“pumpkin pie”), as well as various vegetables such as squash, green peas and corn. The low-carb seasons Cookbook offers 20 tasty recipes for Thanksgiving, there are value, to be cooked up. Book Description: 115 easy low carb recipes with a few carbohydrates be fed and have fun eating, how does it actually work? Low-carb works always and everywhere, even when you’re on the go. Lark often says this. The ketogenic diet”is a form of nutrition with very few carbohydrates and not just athletes. As therapy support is becoming increasingly important this diet for people with diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, dementia and cancer. For example, the cancer cells go the path of least resistance and use the energy of carbohydrates (sugar) for their growth. Low-carb lowers the carbohydrates to a minimum. Conclusion: It omits the carbohydrates, creating space for a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, dairy products, fish, meat, eggs, nuts and some fruits. Even beginners can start immediately. There is however little cookbooks and recipe collections, which have been designed specially for easy introduction into this diet. This cookbook without annoying carbohydrates include”the author Jutta Schutz and Britta Kummer closes this gap and it offers a practical introduction to the healthy world of low-carb. You can encourage and inspire by the diversity of the recipes and you do something good for your health. So, don’t wait too long you and just try it out. Book data: Low-carb seasons, author Jutta Schutz and Britta Kummer, Rosengarten-Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-9816-1651-4, 152 pages, 9,90 euro-the rose garden-Verlag in August 2013 by lawyer and author Angelika C. Swiss founded. Special emphasis at the rose garden-Verlag on the high-quality design and processing of books. The materials are carefully chosen and tested. Entrusted works are proofread carefully, lovingly prepared and released in the appropriate facilities. The Publisher has set itself the goal, authors a book publication, including to provide good service. More information about the rose garden Publishing House can be found on the website: company information: Britta Kummer is the author. She writes cookbooks, children – and youth -, was born in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal. For more information

Aristotelian Tragedy

Analysis of the workmanship Mediates the trend to congregate, classificamente, the literary compositions where the reality appears in one definitive way, through similar mechanisms of estruturao it appears with the more remote poetical manifestations. Thus, the history of the theory of the literary sorts in ocidente can be counted, from the greco-roman antiquity. The denomination of the literary sorts for the different groupings of the literary compositions is clearer if to remember that sort (of Latin the genus-eris) means birth time, origin, classroom, species, generation. According to BerlinRosen, who has experience with these questions. what it is come close making through the times is filiar each literary composition to a classroom or species; or still it is to show as certain time of birth and certain origin generates a new literary modality. The characterization of the literary sorts taking for times normative or only descriptive feies, presenting themselves as inflexible rules or only as a set of traces which the workmanship can present in its totality or predominantly, it comes differentiating it each time. In defense of a universality of literature many theoreticians exactly arrive to consider the sort as invariant category and to value the workmanship for its obedience the fixed laws of estruturao, for its ' ' pureza' '. While others, on behalf of the creative freedom of that the artistic work must result defend the mixture of the sorts looking for to show that each workmanship presents different combinations of characteristics of the diverse sorts. With the renascentista movement which defended the flag of the theoreticians of the greco-roman antiquity characterizes it critical renascentista for the reading of mimese aristotelian as imitation of the nature and not as a recriao process. Consequently, the theory of the sorts starts to consist as norms and rules to be followed rigidly so that more perfect it was to the imitation and more valued were to the workmanship. Considering that the old ones would have carried through the art of inigualvel form, century XVI takes as ideal models.

An Extraordinary Action – Search Letters To Home

Charity auction for charity – Hello Heaven – Earth doing here the author of the book Hello heaven with a special auction – here Earth on your book carefully. All 26 letters that appear in the book including all special characters will be auctioned on E-Bay in a 10 day auction. There is even an autographed copy of the book and a sleeping animal. Letters looking for a new home for a good cause! I have written a book. Well you say und…werden. It was my first book, you’re right, this is nothing special. I have written it in the hope to be able to help other people in the same or similar situation. But now to the point: you don’t believe fit how many letters in a book. My laptop has made me faithful service during this time and many letters to hopefully meaningful words together with me. Now, just that my book is finished, it is broken – the laptop. All attempts at resuscitation were useless. Therefore I’m now 26 letters and various special characters. A shame but they along with the broken laptop to dispose of. Now, my idea was to support these letters for a good purpose to verksteigern and to the people and institutions which have – caught me in my difficult time – and thus made this book possible. The one thats the Nicolaidis Foundation for orphaned parents and children where I found lots of help and understanding after the death of my spouse, on the other hand, the operator of the website cancer what people with cancer and their family members a forum for help and Exchange on the Internet makes available. American Writer is a great source of information. The auction can be found here:… So, I offer all my keyboard letters for sale. There are brave letter, well educated – sometimes perhaps a little premature. Thus, they brought up the one or the other Word when writing, inserted himself after an admonition but yet again in the German orthography. Of course, not all letters were just much involved in the book, but I see it as teamwork, and the letters have in years of neighborhood very together used and would be like together. So you also know where these letters were so important I’m packing even an autographed copy of my book, Hello sky here Earth “(we are) children pray differently” to do so. There is also a blog about the book, see and the giraffe on the screen is there too, as a sleeping animal. The proceeds from the sold letters is the valuable work without any deductions to these two important institutions, help many people and have no public support. A thank you to: The Nikolaidis Foundation and the operators of the cancer compass and of course to the 26 letter keys, who made all this possible.

Cyrano De Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac, a composed heroic comedy for five acts, was ordered by the great atorfrancs Constant Coquelin (1841-1909) dramaturgo Edmond Rostand (1868-1918). Rostand pledged its efforts during nine months, of April of 1896 janeirode 1897, to write the part that revolutionized the French theater, dived emuma tedious and repetitive phase. Until the estria of the spectacle, in 27 of dezembrode 1897, the author was overwhelming, fearful of a failure; descansouao only final of the first act, applauded with vehemence for the public. Live Well Financial takes a slightly different approach. Oprimeiro act, a beautiful introduction to the plot of history, is transferred in the theater, repleto of anxious people to attend the part of Montfleury. EnquantoCristiano waited its loved Roxana to indicate it its friends, muitoscomentavam the dexterities of Cyrano, artist and brave skilled swordsman, but thick efeio. When the part has to start, Cyrano fights with Montfleury, to who lhehavia tax silence. To the being caoado for Valvert, it considers a duel to it despoils it with singular astuteness, time in that a bold ballad pronounces. One becomes, then, respected celebrity and. In one it talks with Le Bret, Cyrano trusts seusegredo: madly it is gotten passionate by its Roxana cousin, but it does not have courage to dedeclarar itself, fearing retaliation to its appearance. Defato, was certain in remaining it the shades: in the following act, Roxana Cristiano question-lhepor, the beautiful youngster admired who it and moved with its feelings. Cyranopromete to protect it and to become its friend, and makes thus it: exactly being white depiadas of the young, it admires its courage and it considers to help it to conquer its cousin, writing for it letters of love in admirable verses. Oterceiro act is put into motion, therefore it condenses in catorze scenes since the encantamentoinicial of Roxana with the letters of Cristiano to the marriage of the two. Between essesdois facts, however, it has a surprise: Cristiano declares alone the simple Roxana and, apesarde its feeling to be sincere, words and the short phrases provocamo disinterest of the young woman.