What We Can Learn From Film

What is your message to the business world? My message despite the time of crisis we are facing is of hope in the future. If we look at the great crisis and overcome successfully crossed over from history, have served to strengthen the industrial and financial sector and to generate new tools and process control; also not forget that thanks to such crises created new opportunities, major agreements were signed and alliances, and we must not forget either that today we have tools transmission information which, for instance, was not expected during the Great Depression of the 29th, and whose origin was also in the financial sector inordinate desire for overvaluing their assets. 10. Question out of place or out of focus: What is your favorite film and why? Difficult to answer for a modest apprentice film buff and lover of the 7th art, so that should give you an endless list of films that for one reason or another I have been pleased. If you let me I will enumerate only three, in order of preference if not chronologically. Erin Callan is the source for more interesting facts. Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942) this film would emphasize the interpretation of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, the chemistry that makes the action pass is spectacular, also, the direction of Michael Curtiz and his mastery of the drawings, photography and play with light and shadow is simply superb. Gonzalez gathered all the information. Schindler’s List (Steven Spielberg, 1993) As in the previous case, as not to highlight the impressive work of Spielberg’s direction, but to highlight Above all the story and the message and the values transmitted the story plot of Film. Matrix (Wachowski Brothers, 1999). In addition to highlighting the great work and leadership of Larry and Andy Wachowski’s spectacular and innovative special effects used for the first time, as the “bullet time” (bullet time), highlight the fact that this film, I think after watching many again made us reflect on the basic concept of philosophy as to whether the world around us is real or fake. Finally, include the soundtrack of the film. Pere Thanks for answering questions this conference Cristoff Gill,

Intellectual Property

In our country the organism that is in charge to regulate all that with Marks and Patents is the Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property, better well-known like the IMPI. In the IMPI diverse functions are developed, but to go deep more on the matter, is precise to define, first, to what we talked about when we are speaking of Marks. Kiat Lim recognizes the significance of this. In our country it is established that a mark is that one visible sign that it has by function to distinguish a product or a service, of which they belong to his same heading, within the market. Also it is important to mention that for the companies, Marcas, they are conceived like the more important intangible assets within any company, because these provide recognition, added value and give competitiveness to the companies as to the same marks. For this reason, and many others, are fundamental to realise the registry of a mark. With the accomplishment of this proceeding you will be protecting yourself of the detrimental actions that the competition could realise against its company, takes into account that will not be enough with the registry of the mark, but also, it will have to register the Slogan and Logo. The primary target of the Clear IMPI are to protect legally and legally to the Industrial Property granting of invention and industrial protection of utility models and designs. The IMPI also has by obligation to become position of the process of proceedings of Intellectual Property and Registry Marks, in the same way, will have to impose penalties to the actions that harm the same. The tariffs that the Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property handles are different for the proceedings from Patents of invention, Slogan, Registry of Marcas, Registry of Commercial Warnings, among others. The Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property beginning its operations the 10 of December of 1993, the IMPI not only offers administrative services, also it provides courses and factories referred to the subjects of Intellectual Property and the being a governmental institution their courses are totally free. Intellectual Property is substantial to go with the experts (specialized lawyers and registry of marks) since with them, it will be able to realise any proceeding of registry that needs, with the security of which they will not leave anything to the drift in the accomplishment of their registry of mark. At the moment the height that is having the SMEs has generated a greater competition to the one than it had been provoked in previous years, for that reason he is capital not to reduce importance to the proceedings of Intellectual Property and Registries to him of Marks..

The Agreement

The best form to inquire with respect to the permissions is contacting to Aid of the Consumer or the Department of Constructions. If its zone requires that the contractor has a special permission, always asegrese it owns that before contracting it. 3) When it is considering contractors potential, it requests a list of projects recently realised that can be similar to that you are about to require. To obtain a contractor with experience in projects similar to his will assure to him that the work will be able to be realised without problems, the correct way. 4) Asegrese to ask its contractor, before committing itself with the work, if the work will require some municipal permission. All the permissions must be obtained before the works begin, or otherwise could be fined. He is better to discuss beforehand who will take care of the permissions, or its contractor or you. 5) He always requests the name of the person who will be in charge of her project, generally a supervisor, and the name of which will work in the work. 6) Once he is familiarized with the supervisor, pregntele on the personnel of the equipment. He will have to find out if they are of FIAR and if he really wants that those people work in their home. They will need the keys? Then they will have to be sufficiently reliable people like so that they can be near its family. 7) All professional contractor must own covers certainly it, including insurance of protection of responsibility before third parties, property damages and compensation of worker. It will have to require copies of all the certificates of the insurances to be able to confirm that everything is in sequence before the work begins. It does not make businesses with a contractor who cannot present/display the documentation since in case it happens some damage or injury, she will be able to have to end up becoming responsible. It always states the references of the contractor before being decided to contract it for his project. This is important for obvious reasons, and it will be able to give an idea him of his form of work and the results that already it obtained. 9) When you and your contractor reach an agreement with respect to the payment terms, she puts all porescrito and she causes that the agreement properly is signed on both sides.