Rental of transport equipment construction companies is becoming increasingly popular. This is no coincidence, as even second-hand imported cement will cost the company at least fifty thousand dollars. With this new cement will cost 30-40% more expensive, both imported and domestic. Of course, not every company is willing to pay this amount at once, especially considering that the once very difficult to predict the required capacity and technical parameters of the cement. The way out of this situation is to rent equipment for transportation of cement. Read more here: Senator Marco Rubio . A large proportion of the world's cement is transported in bags made from a special multi-layer paper that protects cement from the influence of moisture and temperature. It is noteworthy that the packing is possible in almost any mass. Of course, this method of transportation of cement is useful, especially in cases where the transportation of cement by road is a link in a multi-modal transportation. But this type of transportation is not always financially viable and feasible. This is the reason for the delivery of cement for major construction projects using cement transportation. Of course, the system of multimodal transport is a more complex version in terms of commercial, legal, financial, economic, organizational and technical issues of transport infrastructure. come to the same conclusion. But at the same time multimodal transport of goods have several advantages that distinguish them from other modes of transportation, including rational use of transport capacity, cost-effective energy use reducing the time required for transportation of cargo, improved reliability and security. The main advantages of this method of transportation of cement: – No additional costs for the purchase of packaging materials – no need to pay for the work of longshoremen to unload sacks of cement. When transporting cement cement loading and unloading is done automatically – using modern technology greatly reduces the loss of cement during transportation. It should be noted that the permissible maximum load capacity semi-trailer cement up to 45 tons. However, there is a weighty one, BUT: The maximum allowable weight train of 38 tons. From this figure must be subtracted the weight of its own technical equipment (tractor, semitrailer, tank for cargo, crew). The result is that the maximum weight is about 25 tons.

Security Devices: Alarm

Often when buying a car owner to save on security systems, considering that without it you can do. But sometimes these savings have unhappy consequences. One day, you can not find your car where it left. So the first thing when buying a car, you should be concerned about her safety. Securing your vehicle can be achieved by installing security systems. The most commonly installed security system – Max. Today's market offers a variety of signaling systems. All alarm systems are classified into several types. With standard alarm system has a number of security functions: remote control pendant, usually with plenty of security codes, lock the engine in the food chain or the ignition system; antiskanirovaniya complex, active protection against mechanical shock, and also control for doors, hood and trunk of the car. To deepen your understanding Jeff Sessions is the source. Through the light beam is switched on and the sound system and turning it off. Alarms with enhanced bundle, such as a system of class "Extra" includes advanced features. Protective system code combinations is higher, with some operations remains a function block engine is automatically installed regime of protection after accidental shutdown signaling. Also, the alarms of this class is a function, which provides remote mute the engine in case of car theft. These systems are equipped with multiple channels and control various regulatory devices. Settings and alarm functions can be programmed independently according to your preferences. All these features allow you to enhance the protection of your vehicle. There are alarm elite class. They use dynamic code that allows you to do the job of the scanner useless. That is, selection of code by an attacker to disable the alarms of this class is excluded. Elite alarm includes three circuit block engine. It also reduces the risk of theft of your car. In the signaling complex embedded automatic protection from attack. These alarm systems have a tremendous opportunity programming system. Their installation is done only by specialists service center.

Stunt Driving

Level of passive Security Opel Kadet, on today's requirements, is low, but quite comparable with domestic appliances: a belt tension device is located too close to the heads of those sitting in front airbags were only Some later versions. Suspension front wheel drive Opel original raises no objections, it is sufficient even for resource exploitation in the local roads. Controllability can be compared with front-wheel vases. In September 1985 appeared sports version of the Opel Kadett Gsi engine 18E working volume of 1.8 liters 115 hp, equipped with fuel injection and catalytic converter. Still, he concedes a similar lineup of Mitsubishi. Model specific usability is not allocated. The same can be said about the gig Opel Kadet, publication of which was due in March. But he was one of the cheapest models in the segment disclosed. In another year, in September of 1986, the market seemed more potent (82 and 115 hp) cost 1.6 – and 2.0-liter gasoline engines and 16SH 20E with a catalytic converter. In the autumn 1987 issue arose a specially prepared version of the GSi 16V, fitted with dynamic 150-powerful four-cylinder engine with which the fuel consumption in the city does not exceed 10 l/100 km, but to disperse hundreds accomplished in just 8 and a maximum speed reaches 217 km / h. It was this known at the time sporty and experts do not advise taking. Stunt Driving and the first owners of more rigid than the production car, suspension could not affect the safety of the charged versions. At the market in North America began to supply copies of the Kadett, produced under license in Korea that the U.S. market and Canada, sold under the brand Pontiac Le Mans (in Korea – Daewoo Racer, later-Cielo and Nexia). In 1990, the model set a new grille, changed the trim and body, the GSi 16V version, and CS have begun to establish standard ABS. Number Kadett E, equipped with ABS, even on request, is very small. Then vozniknul modern 1.8-liter 112-hp power unit equipped with system Ecotronic, a 1,4-liter 60-hp engine 14NV replaced the 1.3-liter of the same power. Opel Kadett Diesel list added to a 1.7-liter 57-strong 17D. In 1991 Opel Kadett E was superseded by the new model on the market – Astra. Open Cabrio made before February 1993.

Repair Foreign Cars

Acquisition of spare parts for foreign car repair parts for foreign cars can be divided into three groups: the original parts. These parts set at the factory car in its production. Data Parts always have the original packaging and properly labeled with the original number. The quality of parts is guaranteed by car manufacturers. The central warehouses in Europe generally available in range of all spare parts for production cars. If any item is missing, it in no time can be set from the manufacturer. Some auto parts for foreign cars are only original, mostly little wear and rarely breaking parts (parts interior, steering knuckles, engine and suspension beams, etc. Other leaders such as Peter Schiff offer similar insights. parts) non-original spare parts. The term "non-genuine" means that the Parts are not sold in their original packaging manufacturer car and spare parts manufacturer in the package. Most of these spare parts are well-known manufacturers of spare parts supplying parts to assembly lines at times of several automobile giants manufacturers. These items have packaging and labeling manufacturer parts and lower cost (the price difference can reach up to 50%). True, the range is usually slightly more modest view of the fact that for the free sale of trying to produce a top-selling, most demanded items. Many large western parts dealers use your own packaging, buying a wide range of non-original parts in large lots directly from manufacturers and selling them under its own brand. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kenneth Feinberg. Aftermarket parts, as a rule, distributed through the automotive shops, garages and service stations. Original vehicle spare parts, used.


So at a time and working several sides of the electrodes, extending the life of rock candles. Combustion of the working mixture candles with multiple side electrodes is deteriorating due to the fact that her access to the most critical part of the chamber – the spark is difficult. Among other things, the more electrodes, the more intense the heat away from candles. For these structures over the possibility of formation of carbon and bad properties of the engine for CO and NO. As a result, designers and vividly explore another path – a candle with one lateral electrode minimum or … does not ground electrode. The last system in real life you can meet only on the sports car. They perform the role of the whole ground electrode side edge and a sparkle in fact formed in the form of bundles of three or four bridges. Make candles with no lateral electrodes in the race cars have for use of heavy-duty charge. This charge, first, eats too soon electrodes of any material, and secondly, has probability 'jump' from the side ring in center. Another method of 'escape' from the use of ground electrode at the time suggested the company SAAB. In that system, its role fulfilled … piston. The idea was ingenious and easy. Ignition mixture of all the gasoline engine takes place when the piston moves upward when it compresses already previously received by the camera working mixture. On the surface of the piston was placed needle-shaped protrusion, with whom and went spark, getting after it on the center electrode plugs, located in the usual place for it.

Public Transport

Almost all of us when, and maybe now, we travel by bus. There is no doubt that in addition to the bus can now move to another form of transport, but write off the buses still very early. I must say that today many people use the service under the name url = bus rental Petersburg / url, Moscow, Alexandrov, and so on. It is especially pleasant, when this new and comfortable transportation. But not much comes up with the idea, or rather the question of how to conduct themselves in this same transport that take to get out of it in the same condition in which you came, and with the same mood. The first thing worth mentioning – you need to correctly stand. There are times that the bus filled with passengers, and you have to settle for standing room, how to get up? Stand half-turned. Why? Because that would be more convenient to you and people who have to go past you. With this you can be worry – you do not have much to be pushed and hurt. The second rule – thinking about the neighbor, we are still in positive territory. That is, the moments when a bus is full, and you do not eat light, which means that your bags have to somehow accommodate. The main here is the place to find them, but not over other passengers. First, think about the person above that your goods – it is hardly pleasant, and you are likely uncomfortable. Second, when exiting the bag easier to carry in front of him than get out with their hands. And not to mention the effects of a torn bag and fallen out of the contents, not talking. Of course, the situation in which he found more convenient, but it does not mean that he is ready to withstand such negligence. If you are lucky enough to be in a half-empty bus, then follow these tips – or sit on the single seat, or a double, where both seats empty. You should not violate the personal space of someone from passengers and thus once again annoying. Be polite. The last advice to treat those with small children – sitting down with your child in public transportation, do not forget to watch out for kicking toddler. Sometimes caught nervous neighbors who choose not to be expressions and do not look that close a small child. Also note, that your child is not smeared shoe wall bus, or another passenger (who visited after you) risk of being left with a stain. Finally – is giving way to the elderly and parents with young babies, otherwise they will fall for you on tight turns, and then – this is banal politeness.

Taxi Fleet Of Vehicles

The main objectives of any taxi company are to provide comfort, safety and efficiency in customer service. Their decision depends on the car, professional driver, an organization of the fleet. Not all taxi companies have their own fleet, and yet it is an essential condition in a taxi with a reputation as a reliable carrier. On what machine you're lucky customer will largely whether it will appeal to a single company, or whether it will use its services regularly. Own car park allows you to control the quality and vehicle and driver level. Of course, it requires a large Cost – need constant technical supervision of vehicles, those daily. service, medical examination of drivers, etc. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro. During the economic crisis, many companies refuse to do so. The company "City Taxi" understands that the car park – this is not a luxury but a necessity, and despite the difficult financial situation of the modern, regularly updates its fleet. The service life of vehicles is strictly controlled – all car companies have the 2004-2008 year. Cars "City Taxi" – cars that economy and business class (Peugeot Partner, Peugeot 406, Peugeot 607, Ford Focus II, Ford Mondeo), mini-vans Ford Galaxy, armored cars BMW 750 iL, school bus Peugeot Boxer, Ford Transit . Special proprietary marked "City Taxi" allows the customer to immediately see the car, owned truck fleet. Thanks to exclude any misunderstanding arising from the fact that the customer can not find a car drove up behind him. Capacity of the luggage compartment and the maximum number of seats depends on the client's needs. An extensive fleet of "City Taxi" can satisfy any customer requirements. And in case of need for customer arrives roomy minivan Ford Galaxy, or even a comfortable passenger bus. Equipping all vehicles fleet, "City Taxi" includes some mandatory items. So each of them has taximeter and GPS, airbags, air conditioning and heated seats. Safety cab – one of the key moments for many when choosing a taxi company. Customers "City Taxi" can be assured that devote themselves to good hands. After all, the fleet vehicles pass daily inspection, and drivers – a mandatory medical check-up before going out on the line. Having our own fleet for taxi company can improve reliability of transport services by insurance. "City Taxi" provides passengers with life and health insurance company in the "Renaissance Insurance Group". Also insured and the carrier's liability under implementation of transportation.

Russian Market

MINI Cooper on the Russian market, the Bavarian firm MINI put on the Russian market their two versions of the new car. This is a MINI Cooper with a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine, as well as the MINI Cooper S with turbo on a similar capacity. Besides the new, no less catchy design engineers have significantly improved the car in technical terms, the positioning MINI Cooper made a bet on a man's character and, moreover, a sports car. Most motorists mistakenly believe that it is such a small car produced by division of BMW, designed just for women. In order to break such a stereotype in creating the new MINI Cooper designers have tried to emphasize the masculinity of his appearance. In the first place it concerns the grille, which emphasizes the horizontal position of the width of the body, and also gives the new MINI is not "ladies" features. The same tactic was used in relation to the car. Central control unit and indication of the car became much more and no less functional than its predecessor. Dimensions of the first modification in comparison with the previous model have increased by 1.4961 inches. The reason – the future European legislation is exactly on the protection of pedestrians, which require a greater distance Intermedia hood and engine. So now the length of the updated MINI Cooper is 145.6299 inches. MINI Cooper S in no less than his companion, his length reaches 146.2205 inches. What about the width and height of the car, both members of this modification has remained unchanged – 66.2598 inches, 1407 mm of course. Technical elements of the improvements worth mentioning the new aluminum engines and electromechanical power steering. Maximum speed is 203 MINI Cooper km / h, and MINI Cooper S – up to 225 km / h. In the base model, and so are equipped with six-speed manual transmission. As an option, both cars will be offered an automatic transmission, which has 6 stages. Salon updated MINI already in the database is equipped with six airbags: front, side, curtain airbags, to protect the driver's head and vperedisidyaschego passenger. Front "eyrbegi" deployed depending on the type and severity of collisions, which are determined by sensors and calculated by the central computer. Three-point seat belts Security installed on all four places in the car, front seat pretensioners are additionally provided, as well as force limiters tension. In front of the car has an impressive zone directional deformation. In the event of a collision, they absorb most of the impact energy. In a severe collision electric fuel pump is automatically turned off. When creating a new car, emphasis was placed on sporting (and this applies to both design and improved performance). But over the cravings for the sport will have to fork out extra. The car in "simple" modifications will cost the Russian buyer in at least 23 Thousands of EUR 400, MINI Cooper S will become more expensive, but how many are not reported. In any case, in the same price segment is updated Volkswagen. However, in that it will be adopted MINI Cooper buyers with a bang, its creators have absolutely no doubt. It evidenced by the fact that since early last year from August car sales totaled 328 MINI vehicles, and this year it planned to double these figures.

What to do if your car leaks oil

We will not go into the details of the basic units and units of the car. Let's follow the path of least resistance. In a modern car for cooling, lubrication, and operating controls, brakes and other purposes use plenty of fluids. In the specific application can handle only an experienced mechanic, and we ordinary motorists – "kettles" in it. It suffices to basics. The main thing that all the fluids differ in color, texture and flavor. The main thing in our business to know what color or that liquid, which its properties, viscosity, fluidity, and how it smells. If you find a car with your favorite spot, the first thing to note – size (the amount of leakage). Worry is if the spot size of nickels coins and more. Smaller spot size, unless it's certainly not fluid from the brake system greatly affect the performance of your car can not. They rather a signal that in the near future to diagnose, stop by the station, but now you can just be a little more closely and monitor fluid levels under the hood of most frequent leakage of fluid. You found the leak. Right not to worry. The most common spot for any car – a spot of water. We all know what the dew. Here in your car and water condensation. Usually formed by water (condensate) flows to the right of center or left center of the vehicle. This is perfectly normal and you are seeing this, you know the reasons, can now breathe easy, there is no reason to worry. Motor oil stain. Color from light to dark brown, black. Engine oil viscous substance, "fat" with a stable smell of rubber. If you find a spot to check the oil level in the engine of your car. This is easily done, the main know where the probe. If you do not know, refer to the user section and look at checking the engine oil. If the oil level is low then top up as soon as possible. Remember, never topped up oil above the level of "swing" on the dipstick. Spot the coolant (antifreeze, antifreeze). The coolant is usually watery and slimy to the touch. By color: light green, yellow, pink, blue or even purple. Spot usually appears in front of the engine or in the radiator. After the engine cools down (not before!), Check the fluid level in the radiator and the coolant expansion tank. If the level is below the minimum refill. In the absence of fluid for topping up, you can use distilled water. Attention! Do not top up with tap water, it contains minerals that can corrode the cooling system.