" In accordance with this act, the documents must meet the following requirements: a) an application, notification and reporting, as well as applications to them are filled by hand in block letters in ink or ballpoint pen blue or black or typewritten, and b) if any section or paragraph of the chapter application is not filled in appropriate boxes marked on the dash, and c) each document that contains more than one sheet, it appears to the registering authority in stitched, numbered as d) the number of sheets supported by signature applicant or notary in the back of the last leaf on the ground flashing. The date of submission of documents for state registration of enterprises is the day they are received by the registering authority. This fact is determined in Depending on how you view documents in the direct provision – the date of actual filing of the registration authority, with mail or another method – the date of receipt of the documents recording authority. In both cases, the date of receipt and a list of documents recorded in a special register (the book) of incoming documents, ensuring their proper accounting. Storage of the documents is carried out in specially-written registration file of the registered legal entity.

After receiving the documents, the registrar shall issue (send) to the applicant a receipt of the documents with a list of such documents and the date of receipt. The value of receipts is to confirm the fact of submission of documents, as well as determining the date from which time begins to run registration. For those applicants who have submitted documents directly receipt is issued on the day of presentation. For those who are sent by post or submitted them otherwise, a receipt will be sent during the working day following the day receipt of the documents specified by the applicant to address with return receipt requested. If the documents have been submitted by an individual other than the applicant, a receipt for the documents, despite the fact that they were submitted to the registering authority directly to the applicant by mail with return receipt requested. Other effects occur if the other individual who has submitted documents, power of attorney from a behalf of the applicant to commit such acts. In this case, a receipt for the documents is given directly to that person, but the power of attorney remains in the registering body.