Law and Finance

These seeds are already sown.Nothing can be done because the law of nature will cause them to harvest. If you are in financial affairs have sown the seeds of the imperfect, you have to bear the consequences, because you can not change what has already been done. However, you can immediately begin sowing good Financial seeds instead of the bad, and it will change for the better the value of future harvests. Financial mistakes made in the past – this is an event of history which can not be repaired or redone. Yes, we can learn from them, but we do not can change them.

The past should be given to understand myself, and all your worries should be directed to the present, because what you are doing now, are the seeds of future harvests. Principle II seeds you reap just what variety, which they sow. All things grow on the basis of the similarity of what existed before. Financial harvest reaped by man is the result of the fact that he purposefully planted. If a man is sowing wheat, and then reaps wheat, but if it spreads the poison, then reaping the poison. The law establishes that like produces like, was published at the beginning of those who created all things. Listen to me carefully, by law, all things make themselves such things. AND Remember: thoughts – things too. Is it possible that ill-considered thoughts led you to develop bad habits, money management, which, in turn, are the seeds of financial setbacks, sown in blindness? Is financial failure, from which you are being selected, the harvest of bad financial seeds planted sometime in the past? If so, you’re on their own experience to prove the absolute validity of the law, which requires each thing is to make myself like.