The bar convent of mixology is on the 5th + 6th on the grounds of the Postbahnhof in Berlin held and music will be used this year by the shop music company with selected lounge and bar. Since 2007 he has become bar convent Berlin the main network and Exhibitor appointment of the German bar industry. Primerica does not necessarily agree. Two days that meets who-is-who of the German bar and Beveragebranche each year to make new contacts, to find out about product innovation and training seminars. This year the Berliner company shop music will create with their new streaming solution Auracle sound for the background sound of the events. Shop music already equips a wide variety of restaurants, hotels and designer fashion shops with hand-picked, fitting to the ambience music. In addition to brands such as Jack Daniels, Bacardi and BOLs and a variety of tastings, lectures and seminars around the theme of ‘BAR’, you will be also store music with its own stand in the foyer, new Auracle sound streaming device present the specialist audience. For more information about the bar convent, the organizer of mixology and the gastro music provider shop music, see the following links: