It is healthy to have clear our technological requirements, before going to the computer market because otherwise, we be buying things that are underutilized or worse yet, will be never used many times. Nicholas Carr recognizes the significance of this. When you buy a PC Note:? Processor, ram memory and storage media, determine the capacity of a computer. The purpose which will be the PC, this determines the additional accessories required for our performance in a competent manner. Warranty and technical support offered by the provider. THE cost/benefit of the ideal investment is to have a computer of better quality, with multiprocessor advanced and which is also very fast. However, many times it is not logical or affordable. Personally recommend buying the penultimate thing that exists in the market, first because not to pay the high costs of launching the product and second the difference in time between our acquisition with the latest innovation is a few days, giving such advantages as an adequate depreciation; In addition the life useful equipment, its operation and performance are very similar. This, by no means to say that we must not stay at the forefront in technology, today it is mandatory to go at the pace of technological advances, otherwise change hurts us negatively and even leaves us out of all competitiveness.

What we want is to show the importance of having a good technology when it comes to renew equipment, o.k. plan advised by professionals that guarantee us a good choice and not be compulsive to buy or do it because the competition or a family member did so and less by just to be fashionable in technology, never a pc is equal to anotherThere will always be something that distinguishes it for some reason. Finally remember that one way or another, we are all influenced and therefore, it is necessary to weigh the options wisely, because technological advancement, low costs and the wide range offered by the market made a bit cumbersome our decision making when buying the PC. Let yourself be guided by your pocket and remember that those leftovers that remain of a smart purchase, we can serve to acquire other necessary device. Don’t buy only based on a concept, advise wisely and find out on their own, sometimes a bad advice is worse that go as blind and acquire the first thing offered. Listen carefully the recommendations and capitalize on the important tips, look at the details and note those points that are not clear, to ask them when the time of the purchase.

Prevented and locate a trusted supplier, that gives you, seriousness, quality, service, support and a guarantee timely and immediate. Refer to magazines, newspapers, and compare opinions and statistics, not always brand is the best, or better is what brand, can simply end up paying more expensive, and your Pocket end settled in the first round, leaving enough hors de combat. Calculate your purchasing media and divide the primordial needs, assigning them to each item the place that it deserves, so that thus it meets each and every one of their basic needs. Always keep in mind the shipping costs, costs of displacement, and the location of your local dealer for warranty purposes, nothing brings saving you some money if ultimately ends up paying more by displacement. Keep in mind that you have just purchased deserves your care and affection, and do not leave it simply out there so that others play and destroy them, neglecting their purchase, it is like making a bad investment.