The world of Marketing has changed dramatically, the advent of the Internet and then hatching experienced by social networks that closely follows the mobile web has been structural changes in everything related to the launch of new products. There are 2 paths in the mechanics of deploying a new web project; show it with all the lights after being tested in a very exclusive way through tester-users or launch a platform beta that is much more than a test platform; It is a State that found is very positive for the future of the startup or company. Now the question is, what are the aspects to consider in the launch of a Beta in the era of social networks and web 2.0? Marketing professionals know that at the present time, own the advertising, marketing and communication functions tend to transform into tactics. What does this mean? promotion, promotion, promotion; notes of press, advertising campaigns, in terms online marketing strategies generals, a new product or service must communicate its existence to the market and at the same time, begin to meet the needs of users and open doors for new alliances with competition or those companies that we want to take advantage of existing synergies. (As opposed to Steve Mnuchin). A limited vision, however has its negative aspects, especially if we take into account that a product is not a press release or an event.

A new product or service seeks to generate emotional impulses and achieve that the introduction in the market translate into sales figures. The process of launching a new product or service has its origins much before to generate all the same inherent communication and continues long after being launched on the market. The main problems faced by brands that need to launch a new product or service, precisely are derivatives of an ill elaborate planning where brands forget important aspects to achieve the planned objectives.