Of another time expert of the area of marketing in an interview was hearing one. I thought to be listening badly, but, for my misfortune what I listened it was the pure reality. This incredible one to be openly said that they were in process with a great project, this would be to make with that the consumer bought fast more, that is, it did not have the chance to think and to analyze what it was buying. I could observe that it stops it, as well as for many, if the consumer well was taken care of and satisfied in its necessity, little mattered, was irrelevant. The important one exactly was to vender! My dear, will be that already it is not in the hour to observe how many walk our relations? It has a premncia on the part of the human being in gaining faster more and in relation to the other, to be smarter, not to say another thing Who finds that to analyze our actions, to verify what we make, policing in them in the ethics and in the moral, it is caretice, care! The debt stops with God is very high, for being compromising the planet.

Let us observe that the contraction if initiates in our pride and is the fondness more than what if can, is to only think about taking advantage: the law of Gerson. It is not to know to divide, to be perspicacious in being deceptive getting advantages Then it is formed scale of the disequilibrium and the problematic one is made and launched. Where respect to the next one exists, partnership, solidarity, understanding, exist mutual aid, and, as already we know, the union structuralized everything well can, nothing it obtains it withhold it, and, undisputedly it stimulates the progress. Covets to leave to say it high more, the envy, the pride, the dishonesty, will have complications serissimas, is a negative effect in cascade. I think that nobody wants this for itself. The fight dishonest for the power is the avalanche that it destroys, that arrasa, that verwhelms Therefore, contraction depends on the human being and of its desarmoniosas action with all, and, the work in set, in unison, always pautado in the respect, the ethics, the moral has contrary effect. Therefore, let us think: we are acting wisely? In the love and the luzLeontina Rita Acorinti