Labor Law

Some companies opt to contracting employees who do not go to the office, work direct of house and many people also prefer to make its proper schedule without leaving house and following for tasks instead of hours. But as to control the accurate time that this employee works and its labor laws? Old diverse problems in relation to this existed, because in the law it was not clearly which were the rights of these people and as to proceed with this type of employee. Thinking about this that was elaborated Law 12,551, sancionada in 15 of December of 2011. In this Law the alteration of article 6 of the Consolidation of the Laws of Trabalho was considered (CLT), to leave even the service given inside and outside of the company. A considered work outside of the company is not only the people who receive the service for email and they do not possess personal contact with the workstation, also is those that take service for house or at some time of the week they carry through the direct work of its homes. Article 6, was formulated in the following way: ' ' Art. 6 is not distinguished enters the carried through work in the establishment of the employer, executed in the domicile of the employee and the carried through one at a distance, since that the estimated ones of the employment relationship are characterized. Only paragraph. The half informatizados telemticos and of command, have controlled and supervision if they equalize, for ends of legal subordination, to the half staffs and command right-handers, have controlled and supervision of the work alheio.' ' The formularization of this article is a great step for the people who work in its houses, therefore now does not exist more distinction and all possess labor law the same, after all, all carry through its services and deserve to not only have its due recognition ahead of the companies, but also ahead of the Law.