Introduction To The History Of Privatejets

Of course, the traditional providers of mass air travel have a history of private jets through the years hundreds of commercial airlines in the world available. The commercial aviation started zunaechsti n the 1950s in the United States and in Latin America with the Pan am and TWA Boeing 307s. Since that time the airlines have built up a huge global industry. The airlines offer every year hundreds of thousands of flights now also hundreds of thousands of passengers. But despite the commercial flights, which had enabled the global travel and ties, the passengers were often limited by the airlines and their schedules and goals. For this reason many companies and individuals have opted for private jets as an alternative form of travel. The private jets offer passengers plenty of flexibility, productivity and and at the same time a lot of comfort. Today, there are around 11,000 business jets worldwide.

The vast majority of them are in the United States. Some of the Private jets are individuals and businesses, whereas other private jets are used by people with high equity capital, communities or Governments. Similar to airlines, the business jets have in the last 50 years a rapid development by the ever faster and taken to grow human wants. The birth of the private jet began as Dr. Hans von Ohain in 1939, which is considered as one of the founding fathers of the modern engine, was the first successful flight with a turbo jet aircraft in the year. Until 1960, the number of persons who used private jets was rather limited. At this time, private jets used only a small number of shareholders and individuals for private and business purposes. In the subsequent 20 years, private jets have been increasingly popular and more accessible for more people. At the same time launched the first successful private jet at this time be broker business.