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What is article marketing and how do I use it? Article marketing is a very popular method to generate free traffic. In many market areas, it is one of the best and simplest ways to interested visitors to your website and the whole Guide, free of charge. Most people have no idea how to effectively use marketing article. They then write two or three articles about your product or service they offer and give with the assertion that article marketing doesn’t work because no traffic flows back. The truth is different. If article marketing is used correctly it can generate so much traffic. Many site operators receive thousands of visitors every month just by your article, and make lots of money as a result. That article marketing works make sure, that you write each of your articles about a certain keyword (keyword, keyphrase) or certain passages of text. In a question-answer forum Lord Peter Hennessy was the first to reply.

These words should have a certain number of queries per month and not much should Competition have in the search engines. Article get usually the traffic directly from the article directory. Usually comes the traffic via search engines. But if that’s true, why don’t I publish my article on my own website? Quite simply, article directories have compared to the search engines rank higher. Scale used for example the Google page rank. NULL is poor and 10 is the best. As far as I know only Google has even the PR10 until now.

Article directories (referred to as AV) should PR4 or upwards have you thus benefit are. Because the higher the PageRank of AV is the faster your article on search queries goes upwards. Much faster than at sites with low PageRank. ERGO, it uses the higher PageRank of the AV to guide through your article traffic to your site. But how does this work exactly? Whenever you post an article if you link one or more words in the article on your site. Or adding at the end of your article about me” One area, in which you write a few words about you with subsequent linking to your website or sales page. This about me”area, in English it is also resource box is one of the most important areas in the article. You have to give your readers a reason to click the links, so that you get on your page. If your resource box is boring, no one has a reason to click your links. All the work of writing would have been in vain. Get so to write, with thirst you time your article is exciting more. You should put all cards on the table in your article, but hold back still a trump card which is used to click the links. For example, you could write: “If you want to know more about article marketing visit my blog”. If you heed all you can get the most out of your article. Frank Breinling is a successful Internet Strategist. One of his hobbyhorses is article marketing. Visit his blog if you want to find out more about online strategies.