Harley Davidson

All, affirmed Kotler, they are positive winning companies for being, but in addition profitable. What have common? Among others things: They worry not only about his shareholders, but all their surroundings, that is to say, clients, suppliers and collaborators are interested in. They count on a policy of abiertas doors in which they are ready to listen to proposals, initiatives and commentaries of those who they are involved. To the front, they have a director who, besides not having stratospheric payments, is enamored with their company, and therefore their employees are enamored with him? The compensations, benefits and the qualification of their employees are majors that those of the competition. And they engage enthusiastic people with his work and therefore with its clients. Meno does not fit smaller doubtit thinks Kotler, that ” it is necessary to be arranged to cambiar” , ” your company must have sueo” , ” it must have the capacity to see and to identify what is happening in the society, to think how these events can afectar” to him; and finally: ” to create something, to innovate something that helps and hits positively to sociedad”. To unite to the companies and clients allows to really develop products agreed to the needs of the consumers as it indicates cnnexpansion.com to it, Kotler it gives to the companies certain recommendations to do in front of the changes in his consumers and their markets.

He includes to your clients in the creative process. ” All the companies would have abrise to their more enthusiastic clients and to see what ideas can contribute. That is marketing 3.0″. The expert denominates to this process like consumer Co-creation. An example of it is Harley Davidson that reunites to nearer his fans with its engineers to develop the new models of motorcycles.

It supports your community. The companies must show their preoccupation by the world.