Gas Boiler

In the highly volatile climate of the Russian can not do without special heating equipment. Usually this is done using boilers. It should be a little bit about the types and how they work. By itself, this boiler is a closed vessel in which the coolant is heated to the desired temperature, it serves to provide consumers with heat and hot water. The main types of boilers are – gas, electric and combined. Also boilers are divided into liquid fuel and tverdootoplivnye. Before Sanchez choose one or the other type of boiler, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics.

This efficiency, power rating, operating temperature range used coolant, pressure coolant, hydraulic resistance. Boilers – only work on wood fuel pellets, usually this kind of little use. Electrode boilers – the heating process in electric occurs through ohmic heating, ie, without an intermediary. The advantages of this type is, firstly, the lack of water when turned on, therefore, there will be no – or the consequences and the release of his failure in the absence of hot water. Secondly, electrode boilers are more compact than TENovye. And, thirdly, the deposition of scale did not significantly affect the performance of electrode, but reduces its power. Deficiencies in these boilers, unfortunately, more than merit, are just some of them. Current is passed through a heat transfer fluid and this increases the risk of electric shock and makes it impossible to use current device.

For this reason, often the airing of the system. Sometimes the poisonous gases allocated to electrolysis, it depends on coolant. Required to conduct additional water treatment coolant conductivity. Electric kettle has a constant power, rather it depends strongly on the temperature of the coolant in the system. When using it, there may be large voltage spikes when on and off the boiler. This is especially otn6ositsya to boilers with high performance power. Requires constant monitoring of the input current. The most popular in Russia, are gas-fired boilers. This is largely explain the relatively low availability and price of gas. The fuel for them is often a propane – butane or methane. The principle of operation of gas boilers is that doing to the burner, the gas includes an electronic ignition. Then ignited igniter, and from him is the main burner, which heats the coolant, which is in the boiler to the desired temperature. When the temperature drops, the burner is lit again each time. Gas boilers are separated: the method of ignition, at the location, the completeness of fuel energy, the functional capabilities and the type of traction. The choice of the type of boiler depends of course on the preferences of the buyer. But to date, all is most comfortable, safe and cost-effective are gas boilers.