A Bouquet of Flower

However, in October, a bouquet of flowers, at a cost, it can be compared with a small gift, and above, we have decided that the functionality present in this case, the first place. Given these circumstances, we can do without flowers. A good option – replace the flowers range of food, but those that do not give shame. This can be expensive tea, a jar of coffee, gourmet cookies, a variety of chocolates, confectionery original sets, natural juices and stuff. But the main thing in this gift – design.

Place it all in beautiful wicker basket with a decorative, showy handle pre-decorated with a bow of a luxury; receive the contents of the basket color, crispy wrapping paper, thereby emphasizing that the gift – an expensive. In our days, people aged, yet retain a nostalgia for products made of crystal, since the eternal rest of the Soviet deficit. Therefore, crystal vase for fruits and pastries, or vase for flowers will be on this day very useful: they return the person memories of youth. I would like to remind you that the gifts of men and women may differ greatly to its contents. A male motorist, for sure, be delighted brand new tape recorder or quality car speakers. As an option – decorative pillows for interior car massage seat for the driver. If your old colleague and only dreaming about how to quickly get out of town on a fishing trip, then good gift for a new model will be spinning.